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By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys. I was so shocked that most of you would choose pancakes over french toast! If I’d been on Family Feud or something I totally would have guessed that french toast would rank higher than pancakes.

Before we get to the ugly lunch I wanted to tell you all that I finally sat down and wrote up a C. Diff page. It’s in my nav menu under my banner and really it just talks about my intestinal condition and my story with it. I needed to write it all down. It took so long for me to actually accept that I have this condition and that I need to deal with it. Plus, it’s such a big aspect of my life and it affects everything I do on the blog from eating to going out to fitness.

So, feel free to check it out if you want. It’s not all TMI or goory or anything like that. It’s more informative and helpful for me to get out some of my feelings about it.

Ugly Lunch!

My brother really wanted Chinese food for lunch.

Why is Chinese food NEVER photogenic???

photo (1)

hot and sour soup.


Kung Pao tofu with steamed rice and an egg roll.

I was crazy hungry and ate the entire thing! I think this was definitely 2 servings of food. That’s what half marathon training will do to ya.

Luckily I’ll have lots and lots of fuel for tonight’s workout. SCORE.

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