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UBC Day 10 // Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

By Chineze @uhmayzinginez

UBC Day 10 // Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

Source: GoThinkBig

I always have and ask questions. Sometimes, I ask my questions out and sometimes I mull over it. Sometimes I'm not aware I even have questions until I bump upon a roadblock and sometimes I have questions before a journey begins. We always have questions.Some are silly questions, some awkward, some embarrassing, some enlightening, some tension-relieving, some logical, some emotional and some just bizarre. But, we have to ask them either way or we will all just be walking in circles.
Today UBC (Day 10) suggests I ask you to ask me whatever questions you have about anything to which you feel I could provide an answer. It doesn't matter what kind of question that is. Just ask away. There's just one condition you should know....whatever you ask you give me permission to talk about or share right here on the blog. Ready? Shoot me an email at inezsmallworld(at) or leave a comment below.

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