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Typically Quirky

By Babyjandbean
Typically Quirky
All kids are quirky. Baby J is not an exception.
He is developing "typically" and like a lot of typical 3-year olds, he has a silly streak a mile long. 
Baby J loves to play dress up and use found objects as hats. He's very in to pretend play and makes up goofy games and songs. He never just walks. He runs or walks like a robot or gorilla. His foods have to be cold and have a bite to them - forget mushy stuff - and his favorite foods are pickles, olives and pepperoni.
He also has some quirks that have me a little concerned about anxiety and sensory processing. For example, he has some pretty extreme fears of bugs and shadows and he can't stand getting his hands or feet dirty or play messy games/crafts - finger painting is a huge issue for him! These aren't just mild aversions. These activities result in full-scale meltdowns that last about an hour. He's also a fidgeter and has a hard time settling down for meals and naps.
So, I took him to see the pediatrician today. She and I agreed that a lot of his less-than-desirable behavior - tantrums, hitting, kicking, fears (especially of going #2, ew) - are very common and typical for three-year olds. She and I also agreed that Baby J may have some mild sensory things going on. She isn't sure if it's just outright sensory stuff or if it's triggered by the stress/anxiety from having a sibling with special needs. So... we are going to have him evaluated by an occupational therapist and see about some short-term, outpatient therapy.
We're going to get some support to help Baby J work through some of the things that have been challenging for him. We are also going to continue to embrace and encourage his delightful little quirks that make him the unique, witty, charming little boy he is.

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