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TwynkleLoves: 20 Facts About Me

By Twynkleloves @TwynkleLoves
Happy Sunday Lovelies, hope your weekend has been as fabulous as your fashion sense (you are reading after all). I was tagged on Instagram by Angie at OhDaintyDuck to do a fun '20 Facts About Me' post and I thought it'd be fun to share a little extra about myself with my blog readers too (below).
So here goes! Enjoy! TL. Xx
TwynkleLoves: 20 Facts About Me

1. I'm Nigerian & proud but get told often that I don't look it... Nigerian, not the proud part. What does a 'Nigerian' look like anyway?!
2. I have a 5yr old son who is wayyy savvy & cooler than his mom but I'm FIERCELY (over)protective of him.
3. I strongly believe in keeping your private life private but I'm learning to let loose (just a tad)
4. I like to cook but I love to eat! If the way I ate physically showed, I'd be morbidly obese!
5. I'm overly sarcastic.
6. If you can continuously make me laugh, I'm yours!
7. I'm very sociable but a recluse at the same damn time but hey I'm a Gemini.
8. I'd rather a night in than out and I don't go clubbing because I have a 'fear' of sweaty people touching me.
  9. I can quote word for word the dialog of an occasion, film or episode, if it's significant to me.
10. I question people, things & places all the time not out of judgment but curiosity about life & human behavior.
11. I literally hold people to their word because I strongly believe in loyalty & honesty.
12. I don't drink alcohol because it all tastes bitter to me. I just don't get the hype.
13. I can sing... in tune.
14. I'm a workaholic & I'm addicted to fashion & style.
15. I prefer cats on the internet than in real life. I love dogs though... but only the canine kind...
16. I like watching scary movies on my own.
17. I get grossed out if I see hair anywhere other than on the body, especially on the floor!
18. I love makeup but my favorite part is taking it off & I don't wear heels as much as people think.
19. I'm actually very playful & silly in close comforts but otherwise come across quite serious & stern.
20. I love surprising people & seeing them happy.

Feel free to ask me anything else you'd like to know about me (But not too personal).

Connect With Me: TwynkleLoves: 20 Facts About MeTwynkleLoves: 20 Facts About MeTwynkleLoves: 20 Facts About MeTwynkleLoves: 20 Facts About MeTwynkleLoves: 20 Facts About MeTwynkleLoves: 20 Facts About MeTwynkleLoves: 20 Facts About Me

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