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Two Kings in a Parking Lot

By Shawnaschuh

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Last Friday I was scheduled to pick up my nephew and his friend for the weekend. We have him often and it’s a joy.


I called in route and it seems the friend was hungry so my nephew’s mom had stopped at Burger King to feed them so I did a bit of shopping and waited.


When I didn’t see them outside at the designated time I called the mom and she told me they were parked in front of my Jeep – which I couldn’t see from the spot I was standing so I walked over marveling that we were so close and both had missed each other.


However the gift of the day was waiting for me when I saw her car.


In the backseat sat two kings – I knew this by the Burger King crowns they had on peeking up from the backseat – munching on fries and grinning from ear to ear.


Remember being 11 years old and having a good friend and doing things together because it was fun or cool or simply made you happy? Like wearing crowns together, eating French fries and giggling at everything?


My heart swelled and I laughed out loud – I shared the story with people all weekend and they all got joy from it and now I share it with you so you can as well.


Picture in your mind two king crowns peeking up from the back seat of an ordinary car in a grocery parking lot and remember, life is what we create and you create your day by the way you think – why not be royalty today?


Blessings, Shawna

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