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Two in One :)

By Ros @scotlandphohos

Two in one :)

One of the suggestions for this week’s Moving Red Gallery was ‘so near and yet so far’. I was on the London Underground earlier today, musing over peoples’ ability to completely switch off from their surroundings, and seeing if it was possible to get anyone to risk making eye contact. Instant success with the very small child straight across from me, but not a single adult was up for playing. Then it it suddenly struck me…’so near and yet so far’…what a perfect subject for the photo. So I fumbled for my phone to take a snap…

…just at the point where we pulled onto a station, and before I had it fired up, the entire carriage had emptied.

So here’s one I should have posted last week: ‘missed it’

Playing games on the London Underground

Thanks Niall!

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