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Two Fall Musthaves for Running: Arm Warmers and Sleeveless Zip Top

By Nicoleao @momfever

armwarmersI’m a worrier, not to be mistaken by a warrior!

I worry a lot. I worry about dying before my time, I worry about the dents in our relatively new kitchen, I worry about the quality of our school system, and I worry about worrying so much. So whenever I read something other people worry about, that I dón’t worry about, I get all excited and happy!


Falling of the running wagon during Fall?


Like when I read in Runner’s World there are lots of runners who dread Fall and Winter, and even stop running for a while. Finally something that leaves me cold. Because I simply can’t be bothered to worry about the cold besides all the other things I worry about.

As a mom of five I get bounced around so much by their schedules, sudden days off from school etc. I simply refuse to be bounced around by the weather too. Come rain or shine, I’m going out for my run. Just try and stop me! It’s all a matter of wearing the right clothes. Like the Swedes, Danes or Norwegians say: ‘There is no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothes.’

To run or not to run during Fall and Winter, that is not the question.  The question is: what to wéár!


Jim Fixx’s formula for the right running clothes


According to Jim Fixx there’s a formula to pick the right running clothes: just add 20 degrees to the temperature outside. If it’s 0 degrees outside, choose clothes you would feel comfortable in while lying on the couch inside your living room.


Sleeveless zip top


One of my favorites when the temperatures fall is my wicking, not to be mistaken by wicked, sleeveless zip top. I hate zip tops with a vengeance, and you won’t catch me wearing one in my life as a mom. But as a runner, my sleeveless zip top is the best thing since sliced bread. Because it allows me to keep my upper body protected from the cold, while leaving my arms bare.




And when temperatures drop further, and my arms do get chilly, then the next thing I grab are my arm-warmers. I love those, because as soon as my arms get a bit toasty I pull them down.


High-tech tank top


Beneath it all I wear a high-tech tank top, as my bottom layer. So I don’t have to worry about catching a cold from the cold.


Does your running schedule change during Fall and Winter?

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