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Twin Flames.. The Perfect Storm to Clear Anything…

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

storm1_1176246aSeeking shelter from pain…


One of the most profound experiences in this existence is how we run from pain and cling to it without knowing that is exactly what we do.  I recently spoke to someone who said I don’t believe in unconditional love.  I know what this feels like and understand it’s origin yet it has it’s purpose as belief.  This purpose is suitable to cover up your pain.  What you make a condition will never let you see the unconditional love that can be placed within it.  The love you send out to the world has it’s place in healing the world as this becomes something more.  You make this your mantra the chance and choice to heal becomes a condition you say you will or won’t do.


How did this happen?  Well as you go back into the roots of the opposites you find that you are no more in love with love than the conditions as to why.  I was not given this so I don’t know what it is!  Do you see this and understand it’s origin?  Do you see how what has no truth in this is the purpose of holding on to something and making it more becomes something you make less?


The unconditional love that you seek or deny will be declined greatly because of not confronting what took this very thing away from you in the first place.  I am stating here conditions.. These conditions gave you a right of passage to have a thought process that is keeping the conditions alive and keeping you less interested in the feeling that truth comes from.  The thoughts about it, the energy that is collected from how you are approached without it.  It all has it’s way of stating something you make true in you to keep you from yourself.


If you are hurt by those that are not in your being, are you supposed to be unconditional love? The answer is yes… not NO!  If you are reading this and saying NO, then give yourself the reasons why?  I promise you it will point to a place and time you needed to experience it and reached to the outside world of form to feel it.


How can you embrace something that was never given to you in the first place?  You give this to yourself.  How? Do you ask?  Well, with the choice to see that you are embraced in something you will never remove yourself from.  Inside yourself, when you forgive to forget you are allowing this to be accepted and embraced inside and then you can accept and embrace outside you all the same.  Never seek yourself in this pain for it will give you reasons or better still conditions as to why you shouldn’t.  You know this your mind doesn’t!


Your being, your human existence doesn’t have to be all about what goes on outside you for the beautiful place inside you still wants your discovery and your unconditional love you can give to yourself.  It does this without your permission, hard to see when you seek drugs or bad habits to keep you from it.


What you make a condition inside you, you create an outside you view that will always been seeking the approval or acceptance of this very thing that should be unconditional. This will never accept anything that combines you inside yourself yet it does so and you lean way inside to the opposite.  Do you want this to be how you view yourself in the mental movies of the mind? Do you want this to be what limits you from the world that you want to give love to?  Not just love mind you.. But unconditional love!


Here is something to point you to where this points… Have you ever felt you loved someone more than they loved you?  Well have you?


Did you ever see this in them?  They were blocked somehow from feeling a love you knew was capable, yet they couldn’t see it because they were not subjected to it from some circumstance that they placed within themselves?  This to is the same very place that the conditions started.  All roots are the roots of unconditional we make them conditional by no longer allowing the light of unconditional to grow within us.  The dark never allowed grow only when it felt or seen light did it grow towards it.


Do you see this as a place to finally blossom what is deep within you?  Do you see how this can be something that is timeless as they still have the ability to embrace the light to which this points?


I know the energy of both pain and the opposite of pain and they are just another root within you that has the ability to find unconditional love and always be love no matter the consequences they possess.


This is the same energy that calls to the twin flame you have that is always been there.


Do you see how we have lost our way and don’t believe and now are less in numbers based on the law of what we decided to gravitate to.


True unconditional love is the truth inside you. It starts with no longer seeking for answers just embracing the questions in love that pain us deeper to find the other end of the spectrum which is love!


How could it not be this?  How can you continue to fight what you don’t experience inside yourself and wish to make another responsible for?  You are this love… It will not take me to tell you this as you read this something in you started to glow from it’s energy inside you that said hey I am right here!


Love deeply,




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