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Twenty Six Miles in Seven Weeks

By Barefootdaves
Twenty six miles in seven weeksWhat did I get myself into this time? Proving that 2017 will be my comeback year, I volunteered myself as a pacer for a full marathon event. It was a decision I made roughly 10 weeks ago. I was thinking back then that I had plenty of time to safely rake in the mileage that I needed. I had 15 weeks! More than sufficient. Half of that went by with minimal training, now I have to accomplish something really, really difficult. (Kids, don't try this at home) My mission is to increase my mileage exponentially and be able to get my speed back without hurting myself doing the process.
At the time I am writing this entry, I know that it is an impossible feat however I still want to pursue this goal with the time that I have. Heck I wouldn't know if I don't try, right? The key element here is understanding my limits and if it is no longer fun then I know that I should call it quits. I know my running buddy will be disappointed if I'd back out especially that the event is just around the corner and knowing that it will be his first doing a full marathon. His spirit won't be crushed, I know that much, but it will be a huge letdown. I have a 21-mile run scheduled 3 weeks from now. That race will serve as a barometer if I am still up for the task.
Since it a race against time, I already started the year with a 6-mile run. After the run, I could already feel it in my left hip. I will be needing help and improve my biomechanics. Keeping my finger crossed that it will not burn a hole in my pocket. I have been ignoring my weak gluteal muscles and tight hamstrings, and the timing couldn't be better. Our bodies take a lot of beating during long distance running. Correcting my gait will definitely help me log more miles and improve my overall health. See you all on the road!

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