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2019 National MILO Marathon Manila

By Barefootdaves
2019 National MILO Marathon Manila The National MILO® Marathon has energized champions and continues to inspire millions more in what is now known as the biggest, grandest and most prestigious running event in the country. Winners, crowned MILO® Marathon King and Queen, are granted the privilege to represent the country in top international marathon events. Participants from all walks of life are able to help inspire underprivileged children to reach for their dreams through the HELP GIVE SHOES advocacy. Decade after decade, the National MILO® Marathon will always help the Filipino people in building a nation of champions.
WHEN: July 28 2019
Online Registration:
Registration Fee:
P160 - 3km
P160 - 5km
P900 - 10km
P1000 - 21km (and a fit-to-run medical certificate)
P1100 - 42km (and a fit-to-run medical certificate)
Assembly Time and Gun Start:
3km - 0430AM - 0530AM
5km - 0430AM - 0535AM
10km - 0400AM - 0500AM
21km - 0330AM - 0430AM
42km - 0100AM - 0200AM
Cut-off Time:
3km - 1 hour (7 years old and above)
5km - 1 hour (7 years old and above)
10km - 1.5 hours (16 years old and above)
21km - 2.5 hours (must be at 10km marker in 1.5 hours)
42km - 6 hours (must be at 32km marker in 5 hours)
2019 National MILO Marathon Manila
2019 National MILO Marathon Manila
* Participants must be 18 years and above, born in the year 2000, to participate in the Full Marathon (42.195-K) and Half Marathon (21-K). Each runner will have to secure an official ‘Fit-To-Run’ medical certificate signed by a licensed physician within 2 months before race day. Participants who are found to have tampered their medical certificates will automatically waive their insurance coverages
* Only local participants (Filipinos and foreigners with working visa) can join and win in the 42.195-K and 21-K qualifying races
* Pets, bicycles, motorcycles, vehicles and any other wheel-run objects are not allowed on the course other than the official race and medical vehicles.
* Participants in the 3K and 5K race categories are strongly encouraged not to bring any type of bag(s) on race day. The baggage area provided is solely for longer distance categories such as 10K, 21K, & 42K. The race organizer will not be responsible for any lost item.
Side Events
Biggest School Delegation Competition. Schools must submit their entry forms at the same time. Students must indicate the name of their school on the entry form and submit a photocopy of their school ID for the current school year (front and back). To qualify, a minimum of 50 students must finish the race. Top three schools in each area with the most number of students finishing the 5-K Fun Run and the 3-K Kiddie Run will win the awards
Cheer Leading Competition. Each team must have at least a minimum of 25 performers, and a maximum of 50 including props men and spotters. Any excess beyond the maximum number of participants will merit a point deduction equivalent to the total excess number of participants.

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