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Posted on the 12 September 2011 by Epmworld @EPMWORLD_HYD

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These are some of the tweets on Social Media, posted at our Twitter account. (epmworld_sm)

  1. Quality and genuine content with relevant keywords would contribute in increased CTR.
  2. Internet portals, Blogs and Websites are potential earning platforms. The key is quality content supported by SEO.
  3. A domain with any name can by a money spinner through professional development.
  4. SEO skills are the easier and cheaper means for self employment.
  5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best tool for Online Marketing.
  6. Keyword based domain helps in faster results during SEO.
  7. Business domain knowledge, Competitors analysis, Keyword research are the top 3 aspects for SEO.
  8. Social Media channels reduce the need for consistent SEO to a website or Blog.
  9. A Website, Blog or Internet portal can be effectively promoted for its popularity through Social Media channels.
  10. While Alexa ranking has its significance the actual popularity of a Website is recognized by Page Ranking (PR).
  11. Projects are back bone to any economy project managers are the drivers of such economy.
  12. The important need for any country is to build effective program management team in various sectors.
  13. Research less and off the shelf practices won’t deliver intended performance in the projects.
  14. A successful project manager is a successful team manager.
  15. Government sector projects are most notorious for cost and schedule over runs.
  16. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) reduced the overall marketing budget of several enterprises today.
  17. Internet portal is the best tool for self employment.
  18. Any one given successful internet portal can be a gateway for several more online business models.
  19. The easiest business augmentation is possible only in internet portal business.
  20. Content development and content management systems (CMS) have assured importance owing to increased online identities.
  21. Internet portal is an ideal business model for housewives and one man army business.
  22. Every other offline business could be developed into an online business model.
  23. Internet portal development work consists a good percentage of reusable modules.
  24. Customizing premium templates, an Internet portal can be built in a weeks’ time.
  25. Online marketing is more like a TV advertisement.  You must make swift impact using a few time pulses.
  26. Internet marketing is not about a big idea but about a compelling presentation.
  27. Effective linking strategy is an essential element in Internet marketing.
  28. The truth about online users is that many become addicts than achievers.
  29. Just the very presence of website doesn’t bring desired results.  Without promotion it is an orphan.
  30. Among millions of websites in the cyber world we deal with a very few in our daily life.  It speaks of their promotion strategy.


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