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Blog Post Approach for Effective Blogging

Posted on the 12 October 2011 by Epmworld @EPMWORLD_HYD

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In the matter of blog post submission, the one big and regular challenge for bloggers is making a decision on the next post topic or focus subject of the next blog post.  In the face of veil threats of being looked as a “duplicate blog post” or blog with “copied content”, it becomes important to do a small research before you finalize the subject matter of your next blog post.

Blog post – Subject focus:

Yes, this is the very first aspect.  Which subject? Which topic?  You can decide on the subject based on your blog focus or based on your expertise.  Why expertise?  Because it is not suggested to write a blog post about every thing and anything without fully understanding the subject.  I personally believe in comprehensive understanding of a subject before we try to share our thoughts with global audience.  As indicated above, the subject matter again should be within the reasonable scope of your site’s focus.  If your blog site is related to movies and entertainment, and if you have a focus keyword or focus tag for your blog like ‘movies, entertainment, and celebrities’, you should stick to the related subject.

Business content:

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If it is your Company’s blog, focus your blog post(s) on topics related to your products, services, suppliers, customers and end-users.  If you are into marketing of products talk about your product and its merits, your procurement practices, the competitive benefits you offer, product utility value, return on investment to the end-user and so.  You can also focus on your experiences with customers and feedback from customers.  Operate a dedicated support community so that you can constantly stay in touch with your customers and prospective customers. 

Hot topic:

Once you know that you are going to write a blog post related to movies or entertainment, the next step is to finalize the topic title.  You can write about a recent movie.  You can write your thoughts on a celebrity.  You can write about a new story idea.  You can narrate a comedy scene of a given movie.  You can even review a movie.  Once you finalize the topic title, you should keep monitoring every para of your post to be in sync with the same.  I mean, don’t deviate from the topic line.  Don’t mix the topic line with irrelevant masala.

Category balancing:

You should have assigned your blog post(s) to some category types.  Like Gallarey, Movie Review, Gossip or so.  Please check the number of blog post(s) made against each category.  Find out the category against which you have the minimum number of postings made.  You may probably focus on that particular category based topic so that you balance the category based postings.  Though this is not a really required aspect, it is one of the means for you to finalize your next blog post topic.

Network member promotion:

If you are still unable to conclude on the topic of blog post, get on to the list of your friends, social network members or phone book.  You may have very potential profiles among them.  May be an academic performer, a singer, an artist, an entrepreneur, a social worker or a good friend and human being.  You can write your blog post about him / her.  Of course, not without his permission.  Such a blog posting would attract ready-made visitors to your blog.  It can be his / her friends or your friends.  Besides, you are doing a good thing to yourself by recognizing and acknowledging a right member.

Geographical promotion:

One more idea for your next blog post would be writing about a “place of importance” in your area.  Write about your city, your favorite restaurant, a holy place, or even the coffee shop that you regularly frequent.  If not any of these things, you can write about your shopping habits or favorite shopping mall.  By focusing on the place of importance, your posting will also get optimized for such an important keyword.

Object of desire:

Another idea!  You can write about your favorite object of desire.  It can be a thing you own or you intend to own some time.  A lady can write about an expensive Jewellery item or a designer dress.  One can also choose to write about a luxury car or an envious flat in the VVIP / Celebrity locality.

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If you intend to cash on the market buzz, write about your views on the most controversial things happening around you.  It can be a political issue, a celebrity matter or a genuine cause espoused by Anna Hazare.  But remember that your writings should not land you into a new controversy.

Audience specific:

Analyze your audience.  Past visitors.  Present visitors.  Relevant visitors to your subject focus.  Write things that attract them.  That matter to them.  Say your audience are students, then you can write about career opportunities, technology trends related to them, higher education matters, review news related to famous institutions, fun and gossip.  Study of target audience is highly essential with respect to their demographic profile.

Summary, excerpt and topic Breakup:

Once you have decided about the subject and topic title, write a few lines summary of what you want to focus in the blog post.  This should act as a point of further elaboration.  To make things more easier, you can break your summary and branching details into sub-titles.  Subsequently, build content on each subtitle.  If you can make a summary of 3 lines and 10 sub-titles.  When you build content around, it might come to around 600 words at least.  This is a fair size for any blog post.

Blog post – other important points:

Never deviate from your focus keyword.  For example the focus keyword for this post is ‘Blog post’.  You can find it at several places in this posting.  Besides, the content is built surrounding the blog post making issue.  When you are touching the matters of controversy, know your limitations.  Don’t throw casual observations or demeaning remarks about a person or an issue.  Every bad word or unfounded criticism of people lurking in your blog post could invite any future damage to your identity.  Be cautious on this while you construct your sentences.  At the same time, the other most important is not to plagiarize content from Internet.  Present the original content even if it is a few hundred words.  That makes lot of difference to the genuine ranking of your blog and blog post(s).  Ensure you present an objective conclusion in every blog post.

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