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Turnip Leek Marriage!

By Sophies Foodie

I harvested again 6 home-grown turnips & used them to make this lovely soup. Just check it out for yourself:

Turnip Leek marriage!

Turnip Leek marriage!

I used the green & white part of the leek & that is why, my soup is green instead of white. I didn’t want to use vegan cream in here & that is why! First, you can taste the sharpness of our home-grown turnips & then you can taste the leek in this lovely soup & that is what you want. Maybe, if you use store-bought turnips, you must use a bit more because home-grown has that sharp pungent flavor or you must add some wild leeks, but not too much!

Recipe: For 3-4 medium bowls of soup


6 medium home-grown turnips, (1 cup + 1/2 cup) cleaned, peeled & cut up into bite-sized chunks(pushed into the cups when peeled, cleaned & cut up)

1 medium leek, washed, cleaned, pad dry, the green & white part used, cut up into rings

1 small wild leek (only the white parts used here)

2 fact cloves of garlic, peeled & chopped

1 liter of vegan gluten-free hot stock

15 grins of black pepper

5 grins of ground pink salt

a fruity extra virgin olive oil


  1. Take a fitted soup cooking pot & add some drizzles of that fruity evoo. Heat up on medium heat. When hot, add chopped garlic, wild leek & leek rings. Stir often & fry for about 8 minutes. Now, add chopped turnips & season with back pepper & some pink salt, but not too much, stirring often. Fry for about 5 minutes more & then, add the hot stock. Turn the heat up & boil your soup until your turnips are tender. This took me about 10-15 minutes. Taste. My turnips pieces were cooked through & I added about 5 grins of black pepper.
  2. Mix your soup with an immersion blender & ladle your soup into lovely soup bowls. Enjoy just like that or with some good bread on the side. Eat with a big smile on your face! MMM,…Stay Tuned! If you liked this post & want more of them, join 1,602 email followers to get my new cool email newsletters! Subscribe by email! It is free!

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Turnip Leek marriage!

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Turnip Leek marriage!
Turnip Leek marriage!

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