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Turning My Back On Mummy Blogging Because Of Mentally Ill People

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Blog Turning My Back On Mummy Blogging Because Of Mentally Ill People

These past few days have been hard for me and I was even brave enough to share with the readers of the blog the reasons why. That anxiety is eating up my life.

This is what I learned-

I have been a Mummy Blogger for over 18 months now and guess what? Not 1 mommy blogger who can I add are part of a supportive community blogging circle has ever once commented, tweeted or asked if I’m Ok. Other Mummy Bloggers mostly follow me on Twitter, don’t read my blog or bother to share a kind supportive comment or even tweet with me (not all but 90% of them) offer no support at all or a simple cyber hug.

This is what happened; a group of mentally ill people surrounded me and gave me their support. They were there to listen to me brake down and rant. They dedicated their own time to listen to me and a few even offered to come with me to an opportunity I had to miss out on due to the anxiety.

People I do not even know, have only spoken to on Twitter were willing to give up their day to accompany me. These strangers had suffered from depression, bipolar, borderline personality disorder and I even made a good friend out of a lady who has Schizophrenia, shock horror all have a mental illness.

For those of who don’t know a mentally ill person I advise you go and find one and learn some manners from them.

We get so many stigmas thrown our way for being crazy and dangerous yet we are the most friendliest and supportive people in your community. We stick together and we are there for each other, its shame other communities could not be the same.

This had given me pause for thought, I am no longer going by the mommy blogger brand, I am a mental health advocate. I will be surrounding myself with police, friendly and supportive people and my experience tells me these people belong in a circle known as mentally ill people.

These people make me proud to be mentally ill and its has been a great pleasure in meeting so many amazing and unique tweeters. Its just a shame I found the supportive community elsewhere and not in the blogging one.


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