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Turkey and Sin!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Sweet Friday continues! I had my treat this afternoon, right after lunch.

photo (8)

Blurry iPhone pic. Can’t wait ‘til I get my new camera. Anyways, look at the size of that cookie! It’s as big as my face.

This is a Sinful cookie from the Bakery Station. The Sinful cookie is HUGE and it has chocolate chips and almonds in it. Totally yummy.

Now, backtrack to lunch…

All morning and during lunch I sipped on this SoBo LifeWater, yumberry pomegranite flavor.

photo (10)

I really like this drink because it isn’t sweetened with aspartame or sorbitol and it’s decently low in preservatives. Plus the flavor is pretty good, a nice change up from iced tea and water.

photo (5)

For lunch my Dad and I went down the street to a little deli. I had a turkey breast with everything minus the mayo and cheese on sourdough bread. I splurged a little for the sourdough instead of wheat since I skipped the mayo and cheese. It was so worth it. I love sourdough bread.

photo (6)

In my opinion you can never go wrong with a turkey sandwich. They are always good, I don’t know what it is.

photo (7)

I ate the whole thing. My Fitness Pal said that this sandwich was 420 calories.

And my massive cookie of deliciousness I’m guessing was ~500! Heck yeah I do Sweet Friday right!

photo (11)


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