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By Emmerey Rose Sarona @EmmereyRose
Another tumblr post here :) I am currently working on my OJT journal while tumblr'n. Everything is so lovely there and I can't help but pause my journal and share my fancy finds from tumblr to you. My fancy finds vary from fashion, hair trends, food and etc. Very random. Basically, my tumblr is as outlet of my dreams, emotions and thoughts put into one. Know what I mean? :)Tumblr Insp'sTumblr Insp's
Tumblr Insp'sTumblr Insp'sTumblr Insp'sTumblr Insp'sTumblr Insp'sWhy is she so damn pretty?
Tumblr Insp'sthe haiiir <3
Tumblr Insp'sTumblr Insp'sTumblr Insp'sTumblr Insp'sOne of my favorite movie :)
Tumblr Insp's
Tumblr Insp'sI'd love to have these at hooome!
Anyway, I know some of you may have tumblr as well. Mind if we follow each other?
More lovely photos on my tumblr blog :) See ya!

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