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Tulip Or Not Tulip

By Bethtinkerbell @TinksLostGirls
I know, I know, it is a bit of an awful title, also fair warning this post is pretty picture heavy.
Last week at work I decided I was going to color my hair and go for something a little different to my usual choice and so of course I ended up looking at Directions dye. They have a wide range of different colours available from a fiery red to emerald green, I'm pretty sure that no matter what color you're thinking of they probably have it and if not you could mix it together with their dyes.
I chose to go Tulip which looked online to be a red with pink tones which I thought would be nice and bold for an all over color but not too pink that it could cause problems at work.
Tulip or not TulipTulip
My hair is quite dark so I knew I needed to lighten it first but I didn't really fancy bleaching it so I opted for an XXL platinum blonde hair dye, I knew I was likely to turn ginger but I figured it would be light enough to apply the Tulip dye and see rather noticeable results.
Tulip or not Tulip Before!Tulip or not Tulip My choice in XXL dyeTulip or not Tulip It's on!Tulip or not Tulip It's turning!Tulip or not Tulip AfterTulip or not Tulip It's not looking too great.
It turned out pretty patchy but as a back up plan i'd bought 2 of the XXL hair dyes and so we tried again in the hopes of getting the patchy pieces.
Tulip or not Tulip It really is the waiting game.Tulip or not Tulip It's still looking patchy.Tulip or not Tulip
I decided that because of my hair looking so patchy that I would just give in and pop to the shop to get a brown hair dye, however I coloured my hair on Sunday and by the time i'd coloured it twice, washed it off twice and dried it twice the shops were no longer open. I was planning on leaving it a few weeks and then going to the hairdressers to get them to do it because it would probably be much easier.
My sister suggested that seeing as I was in this predicament why didn't I just try dying some of my hair Tulip because I could just color over it anyway and so I dyed my hair for the 3rd time.
Tulip or not Tulip My sisters gloves were pretty pink, causing a little panic.Tulip or not Tulip It went through the gloves!
After seeing how pink the gloves were and the dye that made it to my sisters hand I did panic a little, I was worrying about just how pink my hair would turn out. I was quite happy with the color it turned out, but then we looked at my hair underneath which was a much brighter pink than the ends that I could see.
Tulip or not Tulip This is the color I see.Tulip or not Tulip Underneath it looks like this!
Tulip or not TulipThe final result on day 1!
After seeing the shade in color I was really glad that it had gone wrong and that I hadn't gone Tulip all over, I made the decision to dye the blonde bit a dark brown so that my hair would look relatively normal. I had to go to work with my hair looking pretty ridiculous but people loved the Tulip, the blonde/gingery/browness was definitely questioned.
I coloured the rest of my hair with an XXL dye and so it's now brown on top with Tulip underneath and i'm loving the look. I have learnt my lesson though and next time I will be going to the hairdressers rather than being adventurous at home.
Tulip or not Tulip The final result!

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