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Tuition Waivers for Seniors, "Health Club for the Mind"... and Other Lifelong Learning Opportunities

By Homesmsp @HomesMSP

Did you know that Minnesota Seniors are entitled to take classes tuition-free at all state institutions of higher learning if there is space available after all tuition-paying students have been accommodated? Details... plus info on other states that offer tuition waivers for Seniors.

The University of Minnesota is also part of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, and offers about 350 courses each year specifically for seniors... plus a wide range of programs outside the classroom. They call themselves a 'Health Club for the Mind'.


Baby Boomers are the most college-educated retirees in history, and even in retirement we are frequently trying to improve our world and ourselves. Recent studies have shown that intellectual stimulation can also help stave off Alzheimer's... a good side effect!

The Twin Cities repeatedly tops lists of cities good for seniors and living to stay young, which includes lifelong learning opportunities. Here are just a couple examples of other opportunities...

  • Road Scholar - offers Minnesota programs, as well as programs throughout the USA and the world so you can combine travel and learning
  • One Day University - lecture series by professors from top schools in the country, events in Minneapolis and other USA cities

I work with a lot of fellow Baby Boomers relocating in and out of the Twin Cities, primarily to be closer to family. But while in previous generations connection to family might have been enough, that is no longer the case for many Baby Boomers. They are also interested in what the community has to offer them and what they can give back.

The cliches about Minneapolis-St. Paul are true. We are a well educated, intellectually curious group that supports the arts. But it goes beyond that. Where else can you go to a major league game, go up North to the lake, attend a concert, have a great meal ('foodie' or 'down home'), bike/hike over 50 miles of scenic city trails, and have your pick of theater and music scene that is second in volume and quality only to New York... all in the same weekend!

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