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Tuesday Tips & Tricks - Use Semi-Permanent Hair Color

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger

Tuesday Tips & Tricks - Use Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Time to color!
Photo credit: Angelina via Flickr

Today's Tip is for all of us moms who are past the point of coloring our hair just for fun. This tip is for those of us who actually need to do it! Skip the salon (and save a ton of money in the process, which is reason enough), ditch the permanent hair color and make the switch to semi-permanent!
I discovered my first gray hair at the young age of 16 - actually the guy sitting behind me in my history class found it, yanked it out and showed it to me. I started dying my hair at age 20 to try to be the redhead I'd always dreamed of being, but my hair was just too dark to take it!
Since hitting 30, hair dye has been a necessity. Since having children, I am too busy with kids, husband and home (generally in that order) to religiously cover those roots every three months and I detest, yes detest, having a definitive (color) line to show it. So, a couple of years ago I switched to semi-permanent color (that would be after bearing my third child).
The wonderful thing about semi-permanent, aside from the fact that it is better for your hair, is that as it fades away, your hair still looks natural. Yes, today I've got gray patches staring me in the face, reminding me that it's time, but I don't have to hurry to don an old t-shirt and plastic gloves. Better to be a little gray (I look mature, right?) then to have an inch of gray roots!!
If you're completely silver, this might not be the solution for you, but if you've just got a little to cover, or even a lot that is spread fairly evenly around your head, its perfect! The silver or white hairs won't take on quite as much color as the hair that still has pigment, but it just makes it look like you have beautiful natural highlights as well!
Happy (semi-permanent) coloring!
Which is your favorite brand? How often do you color?

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