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“Trust The Process.”

By Jenrene

TRUST THE PROCESS. These three words have been on mind like  CRAZY for the past week!

“Trust The Process.”

Don’t ask why… it’s real personal.

One day though, I will share with the right crowd… but nonetheless, I am here. So I  will acquiesce.

The interesting thing is… I thought I trusted  God with MOST things, until He reached into this pocket. You know, the one pocket that appears to be “safe and untouched,” You know how you pray to God for “safety”, for instance and he places you in a ditch  in the middle of the desert until you LEARN  how NEAR He really is… and then you see Him. Yea.. something  like that.  or…. like the time I prayed for God to  release me from a situation and He took 13 years to do it,but man oh man when He did… was I free!! So free…

They say God works in mysterious ways! Hunh!

So I looked up to see if “I” really knew what mysterious means: “That which is mysterious,  by being unknown or puzzling, excites curiosity, amazement, or awe… of obscure nature, meaning, origin, etc.; puzzling; inexplicable -(in capable of being explained.) Yea… that’s God alright. He seems to work best when He doesn’t explain things. Yet, maybe then.. that’s why He does. How can we trust if we know everything already? Maybe the way faith breeds and becomes a part of our lives, because we decide to go someplace with God we never had the courage to go… maybe that’s what makes us stronger and more viable and more unique. because we take that risk. Sometimes risks though are what MAKES US – not breaks us.

I am adding this picture of me  several years ago in 2005, in my ‘rainbow dress’.  I don’t really know if I still even have this dress. it was given to me from  a friend who had traveled to Africa.  And anything from Africa , gives me hope.  So I wore it.  And man,  was I need of some extra faith! I was in a really  vicarious place. I went on a cruise to the Bahamas with my family on a family reunion. I  somehow felt commissioned to go  on this trip, even though I couldn’t afford it. Sort of like I am now.  My… we really had an awesome time! I  also recall I had only five dollars in my pocket.  I wondered and even struggled to consider why God would even allow me to go with such little money in my pocket -  yet it was a fully paid trip, so I never needed any money on the boat. I thought to myself: “Really, God!??”…. are you sending me on a cruise with five dollars in my pocket? How humbling.  All I could think about during the trip was  like: “Wow…for real!.. I am on a luxury cruise-liner  in the middle of the ocean, eating like a queen, enjoying wonderful views and clear beaches… actually left the mainland United States… and  have only five dollars in my pocket!!” A miracle, indeed! Most people would think, wow…why did you even go?

Not I. I suppose I  have never been one to  back out of anything;  just because of what I don’t have. I go even further and challenge my mind to stretch about how I can make more money when I get there.  and believe me, it’s never through begging for anything.. it’s about trusting God’s grace as guidance. And I must say… He always shows up! ;0)

Yea.. so God completely blows my mind, and by the end of the five-day cruise… I somehow have more in my pocket than I  came with! Of course. It doesn’t make sense. What.. you ask? The  process. It never does. So stop trying to figure it out. Just stay in expectation. It’s the easiest way to go.

So, I’m in that place again. Trusting….

I believe these are our most vulnerable and yet  growth producing places… because we  TRUST. When we don’t trust, we  frustrate His grace. In fact, we cannot even find it. So what does frustrate mean? It means we:” thwart the efficacy of anything, nullify, make void, we disregard, we reject,  refuse or slight God’s attempts to reach out and aid us in the time of need.

There fore, my attempts now to reach for God in tough places that look as though they are dark, inevitably painful or completely unbelievable, ( also known as Red Sea Situations…) I now find HIm, because I seek Him. I don’t turn away, I don’t complain nor try to figure out what I did wrong in the process… I don’t moan and complain… I just  try not to frustrate His grace. Because there… I find: THE PROCESS.

And then, I realize … I can trust it. I can do all things through Christ. ( Phil 4:13)


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