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True Or False: Do All Men Cheat On Their Wives?

By Amperkins @How2getmyexbac1

True or False: Do All Men Cheat On Their Wives?

You shall not commit adultery... Exodus 20-14

It seems to be very complicated to answer a question that- Do all men cheat on their wives? The answer is also quiet confusing but it’s a fact that all men do not cheat on their wives. Those who do so are not real men; instead they are just boys who got trapped in that body. The similar rule applies on women too, as women who cheat are girls trapped in that body and they are not real women. If anyone loves his/her partner then they should never do such a wrong thing to them. It is very insensible to do such act to them whom you love.It is really good and touching fact that all men do not cheat on their wives, yet there are lot of men and women there who cheat on their partners or think about it once. Even thinking about it can be counted as intent to cheat. It’s a fact that however you look upon this thing but the wrong is wrong and the right is always right. It really doesn’t affect the facts that how it took place. If a man or women even thinks about it he/she is doing the wrong thing.
Do all men cheat on their wives or girlfriends? The answer to this question is a single word “NO”. The real men never do so; instead they love their partner and adore them. The cheating work is done by boys who have not grown mature enough to understand those feelings and sustain in a relationship. The men who cheat their wives are such kind of people who are looking for a reason to cheat as they are far away from being real men. They prefer to satisfy their selfish and dirty desires first. They never think about their wives or girlfriends while having physical relationship with any other women.  They are only thinking of fulfilling their dirty wishes and that’s all. One of the very powerful enemies of relationship is Lust; as such men don’t use heart to think instead they use their glands.
There are many different reasons that why men cheat on their wives or girlfriends. The most important reason is that such men put themselves ahead of their partners. The reasons are different for different category of men, like if a married man cheats. These can be few reasons. Maybe the man is unhappy or unsatisfied from his marriage. He is no more interested in his wife. He loves his sexual freedom very much or he is chasing someone who is out of his league. One of the major reasons is the thinking of men; they think that they can get out of it without being caught by their wives. They take these as cakes and perks and eat it too. A lot of men are simply born to cheat.
There are two categories of men the one who cheat and the other who do not. If a guy is married and he cheats then this complicates the matter and it leads to breaking of heart which was not made for breaking. So, do all men cheat on their wives? The answer is no. The men who love and adore their wife never cheat on them and love them forever.

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