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4 Reasons to Avoid Boyfriend-Girlfriend Quizzes

By Amperkins @How2getmyexbac1
There are a lot of quizzes on the Internet that aim to analyze your relationship. They want to tell you how compatible you are with your boyfriend, and they want to tell you how good of a boyfriend or girlfriend you have. Some quizzes even aim to tell you whether or not your significant other is cheating on you. These quizzes cause nothing but problems and issues in relationships, and should be avoided.
Here are 4 major reasons to avoid boyfriend/girlfriend quizzes.
They're Making you Paranoid
You may not realize it, but these quizzes may actually be making you paranoid, as far as your relationship is concerned. The quizzes will give you advice that could cause you to question the merits of your significant other, and of your relationship. Unfortunately, many of these quizzes make these assertions without any proof. You may start to believe that your relationship isn't as good as it could be simply because of bad advice from an online quiz.
They're Too General
These types of quizzes are far too general. They ask broad, sweeping questions that do not actually indicate anything, positive or negative. Their generalizations could hurt your views of your relationship, and for no good reason.
Relationships are Unique
It is important to understand that each and every relationship is unique. Your connection and interactions with your boyfriend or girlfriend are different than any other connection you will have. Relationships are unique, and should be viewed and analyzed as such. When you rely on a quiz that is full of generalization, you rely on something that is not taking your relationship into account. Your relationship is too unique to be thrown in with simple relationship generalizations.
It Can Lower your Trust
Many will find that online quizzes can actually lower their trust, causing multiple problems in their relationship. If you start to see quizzes that talk about cheating boyfriends or girlfriends, you may begin to question the loyalty in your own relationship. Suddenly, problems that do not even exist are being brought up. You should trust that you understand your boyfriend or girlfriend, and that they are being open and honest with you. If you truly believe these things, you will find little to no need for these types of quizzes or tests.
You may turn to boyfriend/girlfriend quizzes for advice for your relationship. These quizzes should actually be the last place that you would look for relationship advice. It is ok to be confused about your relationship; simply talk to family and friends about your relationship and how you feel about your significant other. The words of advice and encouragement that they can provide will be more thoughtful, personalized, and realistic than any advice you would receive from these types of quizzes.Click Here!
4 Reasons to Avoid Boyfriend-Girlfriend Quizzes

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