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True Blood Season 5 Poster Released!

Posted on the 02 May 2012 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

Don’t Cry, It’s Back!

The new season 5 True Blood poster has just been released and this poster is aimed directly at YOU dear Trubies! HBO wants you to stop crying tears of blood over missing True Blood because it will be airing soon! Of course, it’s mean of them to send out this poster when we still have over a month to wait but you know those vampires some of them are ‘”Bad to the Bone”.

Season 5 Starts June 10th 2012

I don’t know about you, but cannot wait to ‘Do Bad Things‘ [Editor's Note: Did we mention Jace Everett is back in the recording studio? Can't wait to hear what he has coming out!] again and we look forward to live tweeting each episode along with our wonderful twitter followers [Editor's Note: You are following @TrueBloodNet aren't you?] starting with the series premiere on June 10th, 2012!  So while season 5 doesn’t start for 39 days 4 hours and 53 minutes (as of this writing) we can smell fresh blood in the air and can’t wait for the season to begin! We eagerly await seeing what’s been going on in Bon Temps while we’ve been while away the winter. Will Sookie relent and pick a beau? Who would you pick? Alcide, Eric, Bill or even Sam? How will Jason and Jessica end up? And for the love of TruBlood will someone get a mop for Tara? Will Arlene and Terry‘s family settle down now that the ghost is gone? Will Jessica tearing out Hoyt‘s heart change his sweet nature? Is Andy going to ever get over his “bow-chicka-bow-wow” evening with the Fae? And where is my smokin’ hot Pammy! You better not ruin her outfit HBO! Is Ginger running Fangtasia by now? Don’t cry? Heck where’s my ‘Don’t Freak!’ poster!

Tell us what you miss the most about True Blood in the comments section below!

Poster Credit: HBO, Inc.

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