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True Blood Season 5 Episode 7 “In The Beginning” Recap

Posted on the 27 July 2012 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

Sookie and her magic hands in Episode 7 of HBO's True BloodSo Roman has really met the true death! In Episode 7 of HBO’s True Blood we also discover what we had earlier suspected: Salome, Nora and Russell Edgington were all besties and just biding their time until the Sanguinistas could rise again.

We find Sookie passed out and having her ‘luminescence’ checked by the faeries. She is introduced to the idea that her magic is finite and she may, one day, be just a plain human. Are the fae telling the truth about this? Only time will tell, but it doesn’t prevent Sookie from doing a little soul searching and then trying to intentionally deplete her magical powers. Could we stand to see Sookie as a mere human?

Andy and Sam find themselves in a small spot of trouble when they are interviewed over the death of Junior. Kenya also suspects that something isn’t quite right with Sam after his strange behavior smelling out masks used in the supe killings, and rolling around on the floor like a puppy with a bad itch. He does offer up some valuable advice as to who the suspects may be though.

Hoyt has been rescued by the same people who are responsible for the supe shootings. Looks like the dark path Hoyt is following just got a whole lot darker. He is happy to join up with their little hate group run by some guy named ‘Dragon‘. The writing is on the wall that Jessica’s fate, and Hoyt’s loyalty will be tested as this hate group is going to try to avenge Hoyt, and the pain he has suffered at the hands of Jessica.

Bill and Eric are discussing the implications of the Sanguinista uprising. Eric is devastated by the role his sister, Nora, has played in this plot. It seems Molly is on their side and is eager to find out exactly how her i-Stake program failed. Will Bill and Eric join up with the Sanguinista to save themselves? Russell seems to think so, to the point of allowing Eric to live – I wonder what big plans he has for the tall viking? There will be more to keeping Eric and Bill alive! Salome the temptress admits to digging up Russell as part of her plan to have Lilith return.  It is obvious that Salome is a man eater, can’t wait to see when all these Vamp men are actually going to realize it!

Alcide and his second, Rikki, are ‘training’ for the pack master challenge. When Rikki suggests they use “V” to even the playing field, Alcide is offended and would rather die than use vampire blood. Martha then interrupts a romantic interlude between the pair and swears that JD doesn’t use “V”. Later on though, she discovers the painful truth. Not only is JD a V” addict, but he is not above offering vamp juice to Martha’s young granddaughter!

Arlene is coming to grips with losing Terry. The video of their wedding is bittersweet as we catch glimpses of happier times for not only Arlene and Terry, but Hoyt, Jessica, Lafayette and Jesus. Holly tries to convince her to make amends with Terry since she is not convinced he is as crazy as Arlene says.

Jason is still on the vampire warpath, although his feelings are a little confused. He is still trying to convince Sookie that they are bad since they killed their parents (wonder if it’s a vampire we know?). But he also goes to Jessica to talk to her. Things don’t go well there with Jason catching Jessica with her mouth full. An argument ensues and let me just say, while a bullet to the head shouldn’t be humorous, when it’s a vampire being shot, their indignation can indeed be funny. Needless to say, I don’t think there will be much love felt between Jessica and Jason any time soon.

Lafayette tracks down Jesus’s grandfather and is lured into a trap. It seems that his grandfather blames Lafayette for stealing his grandson’s magic. He attempts to dig the magic back out of Lafayette’s head but is murdered by his pregnant wife instead. I hope she is on Lafayette’s side and not just crazy. Lafayette may not be out of the woods just yet.

A heart-wrenching scene follows, Tara’s mother appears at Fangtasia and bids her daughter farewell – after all, a good preacher’s wife can’t be known to have a vampire for a daughter. Pam certainly redeems herself as a maker with her kind response, even if she does try to cover it up in her usual Pam-style. Just on a side note, did anyone else hate Pam’s crimped hair in this episode? I sure hope they go back to her impeccably groomed style next week.

Salome holds a ritual that involves the drinking of Lilith’s blood. When Dieter is beheaded by Russell after showing his disgust, everyone else decides to be swayed to the Sanguinista side in a bid to save their own heads. So the blood of the ancient vampire is consumed: can anyone say ‘drunk vampires’? Once intoxicated by Lilith’s blood, the vampires crash a private party at a karaoke bar. According to a lot of fans, this scene is their least fave for the season. A feasting orgy erupts. It just goes to show that no matter how complacent we become around vampires, we must always be on our toes.

Patrick and Terry come face to face with the Ifrit. But it seems it is happy to toy with the last two members of the cursed squadron. Terry comes very close to killing himself as a result but Patrick manages to pull him back from the edge. I must say, it’s nice to see Patrick finally apologizing for making Terry kill the civilian who cursed them.

During the bloody feast at the karaoke, Lilith appears from a pool of blood. The vampires are amazed by her naked form but she compels them to feed some more – just when you think it couldn’t get any bloodier! Eric is visited by the ghost of his maker, Godric, during this scene. It seems the love for his maker is stronger than the power of Lilith’s blood coursing through his veins. We end this episode with Godric pleading with Eric to save his sister from the clutches of Lilith.

Do you think Eric can free Nora? Are the fae lying to Sookie about her powers? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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