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True Blood Season 4, Episode 8 “Spellbound” Recap

Posted on the 28 August 2011 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

Sookie and Eric ShowerEpisode 8 begins rather intensely considering Jessica is on the verge of meeting the sun, thanks to Antonia’s summoning spell.  Lucky for Jessica, Jason learns of the spell just in time to run through the doors and tackle her to the floor before the sun is able to do any damage.  Jessica, still under the spell, wants nothing more than to sink her fangs into Jason’s neck, but right before doing so she is released from the spell and realizes that he saved her life.  She then kisses him.  Jason, of course, kisses her back and then takes her back downstairs, where he re-chains her down with silver.  I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he told Jessica to “think about the good things, like hot summer days and barbecuing,” even though Jessica is unable to enjoy either of those things considering she’s a vampire.  It’s the thought that counts, right?

Alcide and Debbie attend Marcus’s party with the rest of their newly joined pack, and Marcus makes it known that he intends for their pack to stay out of the newly formed war between the vampires and witches.

Sam and Luna also begin to reconnect after the whole “skin-walker” situation with Tommy.

Meanwhile, back in Eric’s “hidey hole” at Sookie’s place, she begins to remove the chains off of Eric as painlessly as possible.  Eric is weak and explains to Sookie that it will take him extra time to heal, but she insists that he take her blood so he can heal quickly.  As soon as she gives her donation, he gladly offers her his blood as well.

Jessica finally explains to Hoyt that she just can’t handle being in a relationship anymore.  Hoyt then begins to cry and beg her not to leave profusely because if she does he suggests that he would surely die.  She simply replies, “then die!” and smashes his head.  Thankfully, all of this was only a dream and Hoyt was unharmed.  Later in the show, when she does actually break things off with him though, crying is the last thing he does.  Rather than respond in any way similar to what she had dreamt earlier, he instead goes off on her, making more than one extremely hurtful retort.

Andy ends up being called in to investigate the surprising vampire suicide (Maxine Fortenberry’s neighbor, Beulah), and can’t seem to remove his focus from the remains laying strewn about the ground.  It’s more than obvious his V addiction is really beginning to come to a head and Jason notices rather quickly.

Before long, we are back to more of the Sookie-Eric love fest.  For most of the episode, Sookie and Eric take turns exploring each other’s bodies. First, it starts snowing while they’re in the shower, and then a beautiful bed randomly appears in a wooded forest outside the shower stall.  And from that point on, you can only imagine what happens!

Back across town, at Marcus’s party a fight breaks out between two werewolves.  During the fight Alcide intervenes and holds one of them back.  Marcus appears to be impressed by Alcide’s sudden action and points out to him that he has alpha in him and suggests a possible political position.  Alcide is hesitant of course and turns down the offer, but Debbie seems enthused with the idea.  Later, Debbie suggests that Alcide cut ties with Sookie, because she doesn’t want to lose the acceptance of the pack.

Once again, Tommy is back to his old habits and decides to steal clothes, shoes, and make up from Maxine in order to skin-walk as her, so that he can sell her land and keep the money for himself.  After going back and forth with Paul McClatchy for a few minutes he finally decides to sell the entire plot for $5,700, or in other words he just sold Maxine’s entire home and land without her knowing.

Once Sookie and Eric take a break from their love making, she convinces Eric that the two of them should stand up and join in the fight with Bill and the other vampires in order to take on and bring down the witches.  After disagreeing with her statement at first, he finally agrees to join in the fight with her and the others.  Bill, however, doesn’t like the idea of Sookie having any part in it, but gives in to her once she demands to be a part of it regardless of the risk.

The woman who has been seen talking to baby Mikey from time to time ends up taking over Lafayette’s body.  Once in control of him, Lafayette breaks into the Bellefleur’s home, steals Andy’s gun, takes the creepy doll and baby Mikey, and leaves.

In a not-so-surprising twist, Marcus ends up being the possessive ex-husband of Luna.  He drops by Luna’s house unexpectedly and upon seeing Sam immediately tries to be the “alpha”.  Surprisingly, Sam does not appear to be scared of Marcus, or at least not yet.

Jess decides to visit Jason and attempts to finish what was somewhat started at the beginning of the episode and has been hinted at for the past several episodes, but is unsuccessful.  Jason refuses to do that to his best friend and ends up rescinding Jessica’s invitation into his house.

Finally, Bill and his fellow vampires and Sookie, and Antonia and her followers show up.  The original plan was for Bill and Antonia to meet alone, but it is apparent that neither of the two trusted the other, which wasn’t surprising.  The battle begins and it looks as though Pam is probably going to finally get what she has been wanting for quite some time, but just as she is about to destroy Tara, Bill shows up and forbids her to do so.  During the battle, Antonia ends up casting yet another spell over Eric, and Sookie gets shot in the stomach and falls to the ground.  Bill attempts to help her but he ends up being silvered, so Sookie is then picked up and carried off by someone else.  Wanna take a guess at who takes her?  You guessed it!  Alcide.  Debbie is then seen, watching from the sidelines as Alcide picks Sookie up and runs through the forest in an attempt to get her back to her house and help her.  Debbie is infuriated and it seems as though Sookie may have yet another enemy.

Any thoughts on Episode 8?  What about Lafayette?  Any guesses as to what may happen to him now?  Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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