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True Blood’s Season 6 Start Date

Posted on the 05 March 2013 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

True Blood HBO promo poster - WhiteRumours are flying around the internet at the moment about the start date for Season 6 of HBO’s True Blood. While many people are spouting June 9th as the official start date, this has not been confirmed by HBO.

Let me clear up why this date has been used so often:

  • Game of Thrones  Season 3 premiers on 31st March 2013. This is the official HBO start date. Considering the HBO show has 10 episodes per season, this brings the season finale to 2nd of June. This makes the following Sunday, the 9th of June
  • In previous years, True Blood has followed after the series finale of Game of Thrones
  • Every season of True Blood (except for Season 1, which aired premiered on September 7th, 2008) has started early in June
  • The official HBO website schedule states that Season 5  will be replayed on On Demand during 25th March 2013

Now, HBO have NOT set a start date anywhere on their website for Season 6 of True Blood, and considering they have had to take the birth of Anna Paquin’s twins into consideration with their filming schedule this year, it seems likely that HBO may very well delay the start date. Yet, they are also a creature of habit and June 9th does seem a very plausible start date.

However, here at we will not be announcing any start dates for Season 6 of True Blood until the date comes from the official HBO website. So make sure you check back here often to get all the breaking news!

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