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True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis’s Predictions About “The Help”

Posted on the 14 September 2011 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

Nelsan Ellis is True Blood’s Lafayette ReynoldsThe Help, starring Emma Stone and Viola Davis, has literally taken the country by storm. After scoring big at the box office, multiple predictions have been made when it comes to the nominations The Help may possibly receive when the awards season rolls around. A face familiar to True Blood’s fans was spotted in The Help. Nelsan Ellis, who plays Lafayette Reynolds on True Blood, played a small role as a waiter. Ellis has big predictions for the film.

In regards to whether he thought the film would get a Best Picture nomination, Ellis said:

“It will, and it’ll probably win. Viola Davis is probably going to win the Oscar for that. How often do you see a performance where the actor is that dynamic, even without speaking? Her and Emma Stone are my favorite parts in The Help.”

Ellis also admitted that playing Lafayette while he was being possessed with Marnie was not an easy thing to do, in fact, he had to create someone and something else. Ellis added that the most exciting part of the finale is the cliffhangers.

“This year, it’s on a different scale. When we all read the script, we were like, ‘What?!’ The cliffhangers take it to another level. You’ll see, and it’ll throw you for a loop, and then you all will have to wait for eight months!”

It’s going to be a very long and torturous eight months Truebies

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Source Credit: Vulture - Nelsan Ellis PredictsThe Help Will Win Best Picture, Best Actress

Photo Credit: HBO

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