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True Blood’s Costume Designer on Dressing Vampires

Posted on the 11 August 2011 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

Alexander Skarsgård as True Blood’s Eric Northman S4 Ep2For fans of HBO’s True Blood, it’s not always about the vampires – sometimes it’s about the amazing costumes they wear! Recently, The Hollywood Reporter talked to costume designer Audrey Fisher about how she picks the clothes the hottest vamps in town like to wear.

While Alexander Skarsgård is currently a board shorts and hoodie kind of guy, he started the season with a lot more style. As Fisher puts it:

“This season, he’s more kind of rocker goth, a heightened black prince.”

She had him dressed in black leather for the first few episodes — a look that many fans loved.

For Pam, she also had a black leather theme happening, this time because she wanted a battle goddess inspired look, since Pam seems to spend a lot of her time defending what is hers this season. There are plenty of corsets and fabulously Gothic jewelry. However, her look also takes a decided change, just like that of her makers. Once the rotting curse hits her, she goes from showing lots of skin, to trying to cover up. Fisher has this to say about her black veiled number:

“Pam’s flesh starts to rot and fall off her body. It’s a harsh blow because she’s so fierce with her beauty and uses it as a weapon. So she covers herself like a Sicilian widow. She has this phenomenal black lace hat that a friend of mine who’s a milliner made. She’s this unbelievable kind of black widow. We called it rot couture.”

Finally, she discussed Bill’s wardrobe. In Season 4, we find Bill with a promotion. He is now the vampire King of Louisiana. His wardrobe has been altered accordingly. We no longer see him in his trademark Henley shirts, it’s suits all the way now baby! His house also got a makeover to suit his change in status.

Check out the style photos here and let True Blood Net know which one is your vampy fave.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter - True Blood’s Dark, Sexy New Style

(Photo Credit: HBO, Inc.)

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