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True Blood = Real Life?

Posted on the 14 October 2011 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

True Blood Season 4 poster redA newbie’s interpretation of True Blood and the psychology of “why we like it” appears on Psychology Today’s “Look Around and Look Within” blog written by Dr. Susan L. Smalley.  Recently enthralled with the show, like a V-addict she watched all four seasons in one week.

The points that Smalley expands on are how 1. Sookie Stackhouse is a transparent, self-aware character; 2. “the world is not always as it seems;” 3. Equality of all beings, as a theme, plays a major role; 4. “religion can fuel intolerance;” 5. the characters of True Blood are constantly questioning who they are and subsequently altering themselves for the better (or worse) and 6. the mundane is supernatural.

Smalley’s article touches on why the majority of Truebies love the show: the fictional life presented is an indubitable metaphor for Reality.  The problems of Bon Temps, albeit fantastical, are a mirror of true life; the ancient axiom of Life imitating Art (and vice versa) is empirically extolled by audiences.

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Source: Psychology Today – True Blood and True Life

Image: HBO

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