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True Blood Episode 40 Review – “I’m Alive and on Fire”

Posted on the 25 July 2011 by Truebloodnetcom @truebloodnet

Sookie & Alcide episode 40So many good storylines this episode – where do I start?

“You just killed my godmother!” -Sookie

“Sorry.” -Eric

This seems to be Eric’s catchphrase for Season 4. It sums up his loss of memory and his new childlike quality just perfectly. But after this conversation, we discover the exact effect large doses of fairy blood have on vampires – Eric is drunk! While the saying goes: “It’s all funny until someone loses an eye”, in this instance, it may be apt to say, “It’s all funny until a vampire sees the sun.” While Eric is fine for a while in the sun, Sookie is not entirely convinced and has to enlist the help of Alcide in order to find the runaway viking.  Needless to say, there are several scenes that involve both Eric and Alcide without their shirts. And Sookie telling off the pair of them like they are small children is simply hilarious. It should be interesting to see how this little love triangle pans out. Noteworthy, also, is the fact that while Eric may seem childlike, Alexander Skarsgård is playing this role with enough gumption for us to see past this trait and see the old Eric we know and love underneath it all. And on the subject of Alcide, is anyone else finding Debbie even scarier as a good girl, than a V addict, or is it just me?

Meanwhile, Bill is still trying to break in his crown. There seem to be cracks appearing between him and Nan, now that he is King. While we are all happy to hate Bill this season for all the hurt he has caused Sookie, it appears that there might still be some sympathy to feel for him, when Nan gets stuck into him for mixing Eric up with the witches. She is panicky about another incident akin to the Russell Edgington one in Season 3 occurring, and threatens Bill with his life.

Speaking of Bill, those of you who have read the Charlaine Harris books, would have been aware of the special relationship between himself and the Bellefleurs. Fans of the HBO series only found out in this episode that Bill is actually Portia’s great-great-great-great-grandfather. While there are a lot of greats in front, it still adds up to a whoopee spoiler for Bill. There goes another great girlfriend!

And, of course, being True Blood, that is not the only warped family tree going on this season. Can anyone say ‘brother-husband’ quite like someone from Hotshot? While I got a big giggle out of this one (I was a fan of HBO’s Big Love, which is about fundamentalist Mormons and refers to multiple wives as ‘sister wives’), it is still disturbing to see the levels to which Alan Ball will take this show. Hotshot is just a whole other level of trailer trash. I must say, I was so glad to see Jason finally escape from this town and kill Felton in the process. Crystal, I might add, is becoming more delusional as the weeks progress. Another thing I noted is that when Jason is found by Jessica and Hoyt, it seems that while Hoyt does not want to be healed by Jessica’s blood, it is okay for her to give it to Jason. Makes him seem like a bit of a hypocrite there, doesn’t it?

Speaking of weirdos, this leads me into a storyline that I must admit I have not a lot of time for – the Mickens. I am pleased Sam has family, and in true HBO style, that family is complicated, but I just wonder where this is all leading. Once again, fans of the books may be wondering if the Mickens are being mixed up with another storyline which may very well show up in Season 5. But for fans of the TV series, it just seems to be running around in circles. I mean, it was obvious that Tommy was going to be set up like that, and what exactly is going on between him and Mrs. Fortenberry?

For a more ‘normal’ relationship, I turn once again to Sam Merlotte and his new relationship with the shape shifter, Luna. Or so I thought, right up until Luna started to talk about her jealous ex, who also happens to be a werewolf. Wonder if he’s a friend of Alcide’s? Whoever he is, it looks like he may be stalking her, which puts Sam in danger, no doubt.

Now for Marnie.  She seems to be possessed by some witch who was burned at the stake, but only in moments of clarity. I suspect that this possession will get more intense as the weeks pass. And, my, what a can of worms she has opened by casting a spell on Pam at the very end of the episode which resulted in Pam getting a face full of rotting corpse. I can’t imagine that will go down well!

So what did you all think of this episode?

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