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True Blood 4x10: Burning Down the House

Posted on the 30 August 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

True Blood 4x10: Burning Down the House

Original Air Date: 28 August 2011

Storyline: As all hell breaks loose in Shreveport, Sookie summons her most potent powers yet to save Bill, in the process breaking Antonia's spell over Eric and leading Marnie/Antonia to re-evaluate her mission. After having sex in the back of his truck, Jason urges Jessica to glamour him for Hoyt's sake. Terry drags Andy to "Fort Bellefleur" for an intervention. Alcide reconsiders his allegiances after Tommy is beaten by Marcus and his pack. Jesus, accompanied by Sookie, Lafayette and Jason, tries to breach the Moongoddess Emporium's defenses to liberate Tara and Holly, while Bill leads a brigade of vampires committed to blowing the place up.Best Quote: 

Jessica: I don't care what happens, as long as I get to kill shit.

The Review: Things were picked up right at the hotel where Nan's convention was taking place, with Antonia unleashing her minions on King Bill and forcing Sookie - who cannot conceive a world without him (ugh!) - to summon her most powerful electricity discharge yet on Eric and break Antonia's spell on him in the process. The scene was not as violent as I would have hoped it to be and it all ended very fast, with the vamps cleaning up after themselves by glamouring everyone present.

As for Sookie, she admitted to Eric that she still loved Bill (again, ugh!), but was in love with him too. After an entire season of seeing Eric go through his amnesia, the return of his memories was rather shallowly treated and I was disappointed by the whole scene. I loved playful innocent Eric and I love bad-ass Eric, but Eric with his memories that still acts like a lost puppy is a bit of a downer. There are still two episodes left and we should see more of this love triangle and I'm not sure I like where it is going. I definitely want Bill out of the picture and I don't want Sookie to be with Eric but pine for her ex, I guess at this point she would be better off alone until she figures out what she wants. I also hated the way Eric treated Pam, that's not in his character.
I liked Bill challenging Nan's authority and having Jess, Eric and Pam by his side. I want him involved in politics as much as possible and have him take on a less prominent role in season 5. The four of them going after Marnie/Antonia made for an extremely cool last scene and Jessica just got hotter with her "I don't care what happens, as long as I get to kill shit" line.
Sookie enlisting Lafayette and Jesus to help her get Tara out of the Moongodess Emporium was extremely predictable (why are the writers so adamant in keeping a boring character like Tara alive instead of just giving her the faith of the other boring character - Tommy?), but I liked the ending, with all of them except for Jason disappearing. I'm thinking now Jason will stop the fantastic four from blowing up the place by telling them Sookie is inside, so that Eric and Bill can come up with a less bloody solution.
The surprise of the episode was Marnie, who is more of a bad-ass villain that Antonia and who is now calling the shots and doesn't mind killing a few humans as long as she gets her revenge for being bullied (lame motive, a bit Jonathan-esque, if you ask me, but I welcomed the twist).
Some other minor plots also got a good deal of air time in this episode. Terry dragged Andy for an intervention to a tree house they used when they were kids, in order to have him give up the V. Terry is a great character, but I felt there was a bit too much of this. After rescuing Tommy from Marcus' gang, Alcide took him to Merlotte's to die, as per his request. I'm glad the little punk is out of the picture (please, don't bring him back as a ghost or something like that!), he was the most boring and useless character of this show. I felt the whole dying scene was forced and none of the characters - Tommy, Sam and Alcide - were even remotely believable. There was also the other love triangle - Jason/Jessica/Hoyt - which was fun for a while, but now with Jason feeling guilty over betraying his best friend and with Hoyt moping around all the time, it's just annoying. I hope Jessica forgets about both of them and moves on to become a bad-ass vampire instead.
These last two episodes were a bit of a disappointment, after all the buildup of this season and after creating such an entertaining villain as Marnie/Antonia. I feel that the ending is dragged too much but I hope the final battle will not be a letdown. Also, I want more of Sookie and Eric and how they deal with his getting his memories back.
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