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Grimm 2x02: The Kiss

Posted on the 25 August 2012 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

Grimm 2x02: The Kiss
Original Air Date: 20 August 2012

StorylineAs Nick and his mother continue to battle the Mauvais Dentes, Monroe and Rosalee fight against the clock to save Juliette. More details are revealed about the source of Juliette's illness, resulting in an epic showdown. Back at the precinct, Hank senses that something is amiss when Nick lands in hot water with the FBI. Meanwhile, Captain Renard continues to reveal himself as he deals with his estranged brother.Best Quote:

Monroe: Cheapskate doesn't know how close she came to getting her throat ripped out.
Rosalee: That's so sweet. Maybe later.

The Story: Sleeping BeautyIntro: "If a man of pure heart were to fall in love with her, that would bring her back to life."Review: "The Kiss" continued the events in the season premiere, and it's really a shame these two episodes didn't air back to back, because we were left waiting for an entire week, and that can put one's patience to a test. On the other hand, it was a good strategy to ensure that people will tune in to see what happens to Nick's mother, to the Mauvais Dents and - more importantly - to Juliette, who is still asleep after Adalind's cat scratched her.

Juliette's situation is also the most important arc of this episode, despite Kelly Burkhardt's return into her son's life. Because more than one force is trying to wake her up. 
First, we have Monroe and Rosalee working together to "cook" a potion that would stop Juliette's memories from fading. This is a race against the clock, as the potion takes a long time to prepare, is extremely unstable and, if not administered before it loses color, Rosalee would have to repeat the lengthy process all over again. And Nick spending quality time with his mother while trying to kiss the Mauvais Dents is not helping at all, as he almost missed the window when he could have given the potion to his girlfriend.
Kelly also gets involved, having a mother-to-mother talk with Catherine in order to find out the way to save her son's betrothed. Because Rosalee's potion cannot wake her up - it only stops the memory from fading away. And unfortunately, Nick cannot save her either - as it seems, only someone from the royalty can. With her last breath, Catherine confesses to the presence of a prince in Portland - something that doesn't seem to stand right with Kelly, as well as to the fact that he's the only one who can save Juliette, but wouldn't give up his name.
And we have to wonder why is Renard so invested into bringing Juliette back. After all, she's just a woman who happens to be the girlfriend of "his" Grimm - but it seems that Nick being content is quite important to the captain, so he goes through quite the purifying process in order to eliminate the beast in him and be able to wake her up with the kiss. And for the first time we see Renard almost "woge", as Catherine's gross potion takes over his body. I honestly can't wait to learn more about this mysterious character, who makes me giddy just at the thought of what he is capable of.
But I mentioned before Nick and Kelly fighting the Mauvais Dents together. Remember last week's episode ending with one of the FBI agents calling Nick over to meet with the killer. Well, he didn't go there alone, and the two-on-one Grimm action served as family bonding as well as for great action for us. On the bad side - but so much more intriguing for the viewers - the FBI is now on his back for killing the Mauvais Dents, and Kelly has to flee town after killing Catherine as well, so the time he got to spend with his mother was cut short.
But wait... did Kelly really leave Portland for the island of Zakynthos, to destroy the coins? The last scene sees her leave the train station and steal a car, presumably to remain close to her son. But to what purpose?
In the meantime, Monroe and Rosalee continue to grow closer and closer, and Hank starts suspecting Nick is not completely honest with him, two arcs I an equally excited to see develop. And what about Juliette, whom Renard managed to wake up with his kiss, but who now remembers nothing of Nick? I definitely can't wait for next week!Grimm 2x01: Bad Teeth Back to Season 2

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