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The Mentalist 4x24: The Crimson Hat

Posted on the 19 August 2012 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

The Mentalist 4x24: The Crimson Hat
Original Air Date: 17 May 2012

StorylineTo convince Red John that he is no longer a threat, Patrick Jayne kills two of his CBI mates and takes him one of their heads. But the FBI discovers Jane's new-found friendship with Red John and mounts a set-up, shooting and killing Red John as he escapes. But, when it comes to Red John, nothing is ever what it seems.TriviaPlot hole: Foxglove Parkway is in Nevada. The CBI has no jurisdiction to operate in Nevada.

The "crimson hat" referred to in the title of this episode most likely refers to one or to both of the vestments worn by Cardinals of the Roman Catholic Church. The smaller zucchetto, much like a skullcap, is worn directly upon the cardinal's head; the larger biretta, with three or four points, is worn over the zucchetto on exceptionally formal occasions. Surpassed only by the Pope in power, the College of Cardinals virtually rules the RCC and comprises the chief strength of the Vatican hierarchy; it is the cardinals who elect the Pope. Red John's having a source high in the FBI would be the laic equivalent of a criminal's having a mole in the Vatican: someone exceedingly powerful and theoretically above reproach.

Best Quote:

Lisbon: I tried calling. I tried calling you hundreds of times, begging you to talk to me, begging you to get help. Not a reply. Not a word. Not a text.
Jane: Sorry.
Lisbon: You know what? I have not been sleeping. I've been-- forget it. Never mind. You know, you're a jerk. (pause) And your plan? It's stupid. It's not even a plan.
Jane: But you will help me?
Lisbon: What am I supposed to say, no? God, you're despicable.Jane's Logic:Review:The Mentalist 4x23: Red Rover, Red Rover Back to Season 4

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