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True Blood 4x07: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Posted on the 15 August 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

True Blood 4x07: Cold Grey Light of Dawn

Original Air Date: 7 August 2011

Storyline: After Marnie/Antonia escapes, Bill issues an unpopular order to save vampires from the light. Eric embraces his amnesia. Sam and Luna come to an awful conclusion regarding Tommy. Lafayette realizes he's a medium for spirits of the dead. Andy's date with Holly doesn't go as planned. Jessica has doubts about her future with Hoyt. Alcide and Debbie are initiated into the new pack.Best Quote: 

Eric: I'm listening to your heart beat. I can feel it. Every pulse. Through your skin, into mine. If I lay still and think about nothing else, it feels like my own heart is beating.
Pam's BestIt may be 10 minutes from now, or ten years. The moment you think you're safe, I promise I will hunt down and fuckin' shred you like confetti.

The Review: We're going into the second half of the season and the loose ends are starting to tie up. The was between witches and vampires has already started, with Antonia taking possession of Marnie's body completely. This was just the first battle, I'm hoping for an action packed follow-up that should give us the best ending yet. 

With Marnie escaping, Bill issues an unexpected, but brilliant decision: all the vampires in his area must chain themselves with silver during the day, to avoid being dragged into the sun by Antonia's magic. As it turned out, he was right to do this: once the spell started, their minds were focused on one thing only: the sun. It was hard seeing Eric and Jessica tortured, but I was glad Sookie stood by him. As for Jessica, Bill made one of his biggest mistakes yet: out of compassion for her suffering because of the chains, he didn't silver her enough, so she was able to escape and go into the sun. I hope she doesn't die, though, as she is one of my favorite characters. I'm guessing Jason will manage to save her, and this might just be the reason they need to be together. I liked the way the scenes were done; everything was paced perfectly and Marnie levitating while casting the spell was cool. Once more, Tara fell on the villain side; I'm starting to wonder if this will always be her role in all this, align herself with the wrong side just because she can't solve her emotional issues on her own. I wished Pam would kill her, she has become such a boring character with zero development. With Lafayette discovering he is a medium for spirits, I'm hoping he will have some kind of involvement in all this and not just in the evil baby story, as it seems for the moment (I still think the black dead lady following Mickey around is a protective spirit that will come in handy as the events unravel).
I would absolutely adore all the Sookie/Eric moments if Anna Paquin would remember to act from time to time. I don't know if it's because Stephen Moyer is her husband, but it seems like she is holding back when it comes to the love scenes. I'm glad that Eric doesn't feed from Sookie during sex, that alone shows he's not willing to hurt her, unlike Bill. It was good to see that Sookie and Eric had the "what if" discussion about his memory coming back, I hope they can manage to solve this before that happens, but I'm guessing we haven't seen the last of Bill's involvement in her life.
Sam figuring out that Tommy had become a skinwalker was a bit too soon for me; call me a sadist, but I like my characters tortured from time to time and it would have made this arc so much more interesting if this would have taken longer. On the other hand, I almost wished he would have killed Tommy and become a skinwalker himself.
There was little action regarding the other characters. Not much on the evil baby storyline, except for Lafayette witnessing the black lady singing to Mickey in French. I don't care much for the Andy/what's her name date, I really don't see the point for putting those two together. As for Alcide and Debbie, her concerns regarding Sookie are clearly entitled, as during their discussion he never specifically said he doesn't love Sookie and he was barely able to promise to Debbie that she's the only one.
It was a great episode and I'm glad to see True Blood is not going down the maenad path again and is actually developing Antonia as a redoubtable villain. This is the most entertaining season yet and I hope they keep to it.
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