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True Blood 4x06: I Wish I Was the Moon

Posted on the 08 August 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

True Blood 4x06: I Wish I Was the Moon

Original Air Date: 31 July 2011

Storyline: After finding out he was hiding at Sookie's, Bill imprisons Eric and refuses to listen to Sookie's pleadings to let him go; instead, he asks the authority to license him to bring the true death onto the sheriff. Marnie finds a deeper connection with Antonia. Arlene and Terry's house burns down. Debbie urges Alcide to join the Shreveport pack. Tommy finds himself shifting into a person. Lafayette and Jesus search for answers in Mexico. Jason is afraid that he will turn into a were-panther and Jessica, feeling his panic, rushes to his side. Best Quote: 

Eric: Tell her I was born the night she found me. And because of her, I went to my true death knowing what it means to love. Tell her, "Thank you." She still cares for you. I saw it last night. After I'm gone, I hope you'll find your way back to each other.
BillWhy would you hope for that?
Eric'Cause she deserves happiness. With whoever can give it to her.
Pam's Best: He's a self-loathing, power-hungry, pompus little dork and you hate his guts!

The Review: Hang tight, TB lovers, cause Bon Temps is on fire! I am now so in love with Eric like I've never been with any other male character, not even my all time favorite, Spike. He's everything I want in a man - a viking god (Pam's ad literam) who's powerful, but sweet and tender and capable of so much love that he only wants his woman to be happy, no matter who will give her that happiness. Everything would have been perfect if Bill had not been portrayed as the hero of the day. 

Sookie/Eric/Bill. When Bill found out where Eric was hiding, he's "Sookie is mine" persona stepped in and didn't leave until he was taught what love is from the most unexpected source. The way he stormed into Sookie's house shows just how little respect he has for her. In pure TV drama style, he interrupted them just as they were on their way to make love (which pissed me off greatly). I loved Eric's reactions to this - first protective of Sookie, then humble and submissive when he found out Bill was his king. It made Bill so much worse by comparison and I hope Sookie can see that. The king's behavior, on the other hand, was not all that royal; while he probably believed, at first, that Eric might be under the necromancer's spell and, thus, a danger to their kind, he was also blinded by jealousy and would have probably killed Eric without any remorse. Eric's last request, which is by far the most honest and beautiful love declaration True Blood has given us so far, made him see what love really means. I will not even begin to describe what I felt during the last scene of the episode. While I would have thought the first time Sookie and Eric would be together would be your typical vampire sex, it was actually very tender and perfect. I just hope that Eric and Sookie can keep this up after his memory returns and that Bill is forever banned from her life.
Jason. We've all been waiting to see him turn into a were-panther since episode 2. With the full moon rising and all the supernaturals going crazy, his reactions went from scared to disappointed in only a few hours. I loved Sookie's "This is a sex thing, isn't it?" and her initial incredulity at the whole panthers-bit-me-and-now-I'm-turning thing. But since we've been told since day one that shifters, be they weres or Sam's type of shape-shifters only become so if they are born from shifter parents, it was obvious that Jason wouldn't turn. The bad thing in this whole arc is that we were given a lot of disturbing pointless Hotshot action (but that can't be the end of it, can it?). I love how Jessica felt his fear and rushed to his side at once. There's something there for sure, and, if maybe for Jason it's all about the blood, for Jess it isn't. Their chat in the woods, with her comforting him and telling him what it is like to be a vampire, was almost the prelude to a love story, but what about Hoyt? I guess I wouldn't mind to see Jason and Jess together after all. 
Sam/Tommy/Luna. Remember episode 2, when Luna tells the story about skinwalkers, a type of shifters that, after killing another shifter from their own family, can take up another human's form? And remember how Tommy killed his mother? If you thought that would mean trouble for Tommy and Sam, imagine how big that kind of trouble is with Tommy being able to become Sam! Of all the Mickens stupid plot, this is the one thing that can actually become interesting. Not only did Tommy, as Sam, fire Sookie, but he also had sex with Sam's current love interest, Luna, then shoved her out of the house. That is the most twisted story True Blood has given us so far.
Marnie/Antonia. I'm enjoying the flashbacks that show us 1610 Antonia through Marnie's dreams and we're finally awarded with villain development. So far, she makes the best baddie and it looks like the writers have learned something from the maenad fiasco. We're half way through season 4 already and got to see Antonia taking over Marnie's body completely and having a vamp surrender to her will. This should make for good television.
Terry/Arlene/Mickey. We got to see a whole new element of the whole evil baby arc; after - presumably - Rene burned down Terry and Arlene's house, Mickey got transported outside miraculously. My guess? The old doll is probably possessed by the spirit of the black woman that only the baby could see, and she is actually protecting him. I'm curious if this will fit somehow in the witch theme.
Jesus/Lafayette. Their journey to Mexico got them with Jesus' grandfather asking for a sacrifice, Jesus catching a rattlesnake and Lafayette being possessed by the spirit of tio Luca. The grandfather seems to have more knowledge that anyone about what's happening in Bon Temps, as he tells them they shouldn't worry about the vampire, but it's spirits they need protection from. Which is, of course, right, but I wonder how did he know all that.
Tara/Whatever the name of the chick she's banging is. I am so bored with Tara and whatever her weekly drama is that I don't even pay attention when she's on the screen. I wonder if Pam got her and I'm praying that she did.
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