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True Blood 4x05: Me and the Devil

Posted on the 07 August 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

True Blood 4x05: Me and the Devil

Original Air Date: 24 July 2011

Storyline: With Pam's body now rotting as the result of the witch's spell, Bill decides to take action and imprisons Marnie, who continues to have visions of an ancient spirit. Bill is none too pleased when he learns that Sookie is hiding Eric. Neither is Tara, who refuses to believe that Eric has changed. Meanwhile, Jason is recovering and has an erotic dream involving Jessica. Arlene and Terry decide they need an exorcism and seek some local help. Lafayette and Jesus head to Mexico to get some help of their own.Trivia: During Sookie's reading with Marnie, the uncredited voice of Adele Stackhouse's spirit was by Lois Smith, who played this character in Season 1.Best Quote: 

Bill: Vampires have often found it advantageous to maintain a hidden presence in humanity's most powerful institutions and in the 1600's, that was the Catholic Church and today, as you all know, it's Google and Fox News.
Pam's BestLook at my fucking face. Convene your sheriffs so we can kill this uppety wiccan cunt.

The Review: I am so hooked on season 4, that one episode a week just doesn't cure my tbwithdrawal. It's probably because of all the Sookie-Eric action, but the story is also keeping me on my toes.

With Eric now living in her house, things can get complicated for Sookie, but there's also a lot of sweet moments. The writers didn't sell Eric's dream for more than it was, because Godric would have never told him, alive or dead, to drink Sookie. I was glad to see Godric back, nevertheless. And the upside of Eric's dream was that he got to cuddle with his host while she soothed him for having a nightmare and for missing his maker, even though he doesn't remember him. Is Sookie really falling for Eric? Defending him in front of Tara and then telling him that, despite all the cruel horrible things he had done before, she is convinced there's good in him, not to mention asking him to stay and that kiss are all signs of this, though she might not know it yet. Their story is so much sweeter and more tender than anything she had with Bill that I will be really pissed if she goes back to that two-faced asshole. Needless to say, I am enjoying every sexy moment.
After Marnie's curse on Pam (kudos to the True Blood makeup team for making the stunning Kristin Bauer van Straten look like a leper victim), Bill sent his team to apprehend and lock her up, but this didn't give him any answers as to the spells and how to reverse him. Rounding up the remainder of the sheriffs (so Louisiana has 5 sheriffs) gave us some more information on the spirit that possesses Marnie, though none of them knows this right now: in 1610, a Spanish witch named Antonia managed, while being burned to the stake, to wake up all vampires in a 20 miles radius and have them burn in the sunlight. We can assume that this grudge comes from vampires having infiltrated the catholic church and serving the prisoners for dinner. The highlights on this plot were Marnie being taken back to the 15th century and witnessing the witch's last days and Pam,  who, as always, gave us the best lines, but also managed to betray her maker, leaving us to wonder what will Bill do now that he knows Sookie has lied to him.
Lafayette and Jesus went to Mexico to ask Jesus' grandfather, the brujo, for advice on how to deal with a supposedly murderous Eric Northman (oh, Eric, how I fear for you!). After pouring her heart out o Sookie and telling her about her life in New Orleans and her fears that her girlfriend will leave her if she finds out the truth, Tara stormed out when finding out that Sookie is sheltering Eric. I hope she goes back to New Orleans for good. As expected, Jason started having erotic dreams about Jessica, but even in his sleep he feels so guilty about this, that he also imagines Hoyt there. This will be fun to watch. Arlene and Terry decide to have an exorcism and call Reverend Daniels, who is now married to Lettie Mae (did you expect that? I was thinking he would never leave his wife for Tara's mother). Did the exorcism work? Of course not, and we're going to see much more of this whole evil baby story. I just wish Rene will make an appearance too. I was wrong about Tommy being back in the ring; somehow, he realized he doesn't have to take that shit from his parents anymore and murdered them both, then bonded with Sam over this. The only thing I liked was Tommy turning into an alligator and scaring the crap out of Andy, who thinks that he can mess with whomever he wants now that he's sheriff. Also, I'm just wondering if this will relate in any way with Luna's skinwalkers story. Alcide may have trouble with the local pack, as the packmaster in Shreveport doesn't like lone wolves. As you can see, there's a lot going on on the side, but I hope the focus is kept on the Sookie/Eric romance and the witches arc, I'd hate to see a good villain go to waste like it happened in season 2 with the maenad.
Oh, and did you know gators were crazy about marshmallows? Yeah, neither did I...
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