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True Blood 4x02: You Smell Like Dinner

Posted on the 07 August 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

True Blood 4x02: You Smell Like Dinner

Original Air Date: 3 July 2011

Storyline: Sookie stays in her house even though Jason sold it while she was away. After learning who has bought it however, she feels decidedly unsafe and asks Bill  - the new vampire King of Louisiana - for help. Jason wakes up tied to a bed and Crystal and Felton have a surprise for him. Sam is attracted to Luna, a schoolteacher who is part of his shifters group. Arlene is convinced that her new baby is rotten to the core and is terrified of him. Hoyt recovers from his encounter with the anti-vampire protesters, but he and Jessica are still arguing. Angry, she heads for Shreveport. Tara re-appears in Bon Temps and goes to the coven with Lafayette. Eric, under orders from Bill to get the coven to stop before they reanimate a dead human, pays them a visit.Trivia: As Sookie is leaving Fangtasia and walking through the mob, one of the protestors can be seen wearing a "Palin 2012" T-Shirt with a red, white and blue elephant on it.

When the flashback to Bill in London in 1982, there's a Deschutes Brewery beer tap shown. Deschutes did not open until 1988.

Best Quote:

Sookie: Do you think my legs are just going to magically open for you?
Eric: Well that was saucy..must have been fairy Sookie talking.. I like when she comes out.
Sookie: ...and I'm already sorry I said it.
Pam's BestLet these good people practice their constitutional right to be fucking idiots!

The Review: Wow! That was exhilarating! Season 4 is by far the best one yet. I am absolutely hooked, like I've never been before. With vamps, faeries, shifters and now witches, the only thing that missed from these first two episodes was Alcide, and he won't stay hidden for long.

The episode starts with Eric and Sookie arguing about his request to make her his. I would have said yes in a heartbeat, but you know, that's just me having a major crush on Alex. The dialog was great, both sexually charged and humorous, and there's real chemistry between the two actors. The more I see of the two of them together, the more convinced I am that Eric cares about Sookie more than he lets her know and if these two crazy kids don't get together and stay together, I'll be really mad at Alan Ball. Sookie going to Bill for help seemed a bit desperate; here she was, living in someone else's house (doesn't that seem a bit weird to you, insisting to live there knowing that it's not her house?), going to ask the new King to do something about it, like in a freaking dictatorship. I loved her reactions when finding the blood in the fridge and the cubby that Eric built in his house, though. Those were priceless. I'm just wondering why the writers insist on portraying Sookie as an annoying bitch. Her visit to Fangtasia later on gave us some good Pam lines which I deeply enjoyed, and she made some good points to Sookie, which unfortunately she's too  stupid to even consider.
Sookie's visit to Bill's came with a surprise: she found out not only that he's the new King, but also that he replaced her. I hope that doesn't make her want him back. In flashbacks, we are shows how it all started: in the 1980s, Bill was a punk who fed on people and let them live; this behavior caught Nan Flanagan's attention, and she sold him the dream - mainstreaming would be soon possible, due to Louis Pasteur (who apparently was a vamp) being very close to synthesizing artificial blood, but the Vampire Authority needed trustful persons to infiltrate the monarchies and bring them down. Bill was put in charge of bringing down Sophie-Ann, which he eventually did: he lured her into his house under the pretext of giving her Sookie (we've seen that in last season's finale), then had a squad of humans armed with guns with wooden bullets take her down. Bill was not believable as a punker, but at least his British accent (which is Stephen Moyer's native one) was a better choice than his fake Louisiana accent.
Jason woke up tied to a bed and soon found out the reason why: Felton is shooting blanks and they Crystal needs him for procreation purposes. While a bit extreme, it's funny to see Bon Temps' reigning stud being used for sex. There's a catch, though... they need to make him a were-panther first. Now that's really twisted. 
With Tara back in town (her hair looks great, but she's still annoying), Lafayette and Jesus take her to their coven, where Marnie (the amazing Fiona Shaw) wants to bring a dead person back to life. When Eric, at Bill's orders, comes in and tells them this would be their last meeting and threatens Marnie and stupid Tara (who just had to go at him with a wooden cross), Marnie, suddenly possessed by some kind of spirit, casts a spell at him that makes him run away. The spell reads "Jam tibi impero et præcipio maligne spiritus! ut confestim allata et circulo discedas, absque omni strepito, terrore, clamore et foetore, asque sine omni damno mei tam animæ quam corporis." (Now I command and charge you, O evil spirit! that you immediately depart from the circle, abstaining from all noise, terror, tumult, and filth, and if you refuse I will damn you both in body and soul.) Later on, Sookie runs into Eric on the road, and he doesn't seem to remember her at all. Talk about making things even more interesting!
After getting into a fight with the anti-vampire protesters outside Fangtasia, Hoyt is still recovering and refuses Jessica's blood. Angry at him, she storms out of the house and goes to Fangtasia for a drink. That is, drink the guy she was eye-fucking (Pam's words) the night before. Sookie, who found her in the bathroom, suggested she should tell Hoyt, but apparently Bill didn't tell Jess why Sookie had broken up with him and she's quite angry at her former "stepmother".
Arlene is more and more convinced that her baby is evil, despite Terry's reassurances that he's just a baby. Sam flirts with Luna, who confesses to the group that she shifted into her mother once. He also finds Tommy spying on him and wanting them to try and be brothers again. While I'm not interested in all these sub-plots, I can't wait to see what happens next with Sookie and Eric. 
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