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True Blood 4x01: She's Not There

Posted on the 07 August 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

True Blood 4x01: She's Not There

Original Air Date: 26 June 2011

Storyline: Sookie is taken to an alternate plane, where she finds the truth about faeries and runs into her grandfather. When she returns, nothing is like it was before and she learns that, though to her it felt like 10 minutes, she has been missing for nearly 13 months. She hasn't brought herself to forgive Bill as yet and Eric is still quite interested in her. She also learns that in her absence, Jason has sold her house. Sam Merlotte has found new shape-shifter friends. Jessica and Hoyt are learning to live together and to get along. Arlene is worried that her new baby is evil though Terry doesn't seem to get it. Tara has moved away and found a new friend as well as a way to release her inner frustrations. Lafayette is introduced to a group of witches.Best Quote: 

Nan: I have proof. Scentific. People are far dumber than they realize.
Pam's BestThe way you’re eye fucking fangbangers from across the room is especially romantic.

The Review: Oh how I waited for season 4 to start! I was in a frenzy months before, ever since the last seconds of the episode were leaked on the internet and we got to hear Eric saying "Sookie. You. Are. Mine". Knowing that the fourth book of Charlaine Harris' series was all about Eric didn't hurt either. I think I've never been so excited about a TV show in my life.

"She's Not There" didn't let me down. I thought the time jump was a welcome twist, as it allowed everybody else to evolve in Sookie's absence. On the other hand, the first minutes, with Sookie on the fairy plane, felt like a bad sci-fi movie, but at least we got to learn the truth about the fae: they are not all about dancing in the sun and smiling, they are vicious creatures that are now collecting the human seeds they planted on earth a long time ago. Sookie managed to escape, but not before running into Barry the bellboy and, what's most important, into her grandfather Earl, who had gone missing over 20 years before. We also got to learn that Claudine is Sookie's fairy godmother (a bit lame, right?). 
After escaping the fairy plane, Sookie found out that she'd been gone for more than a year, that, after searching for her in vain, Jason had sold her house, that Jason is now a police officer, Arlene had her baby and Tara left town. A lot to digest for your first hours back, isn't it? She also ran into both Bill and Eric, the two vampires she tried to escape from in the first place. Though she didn't forgive Bill, since, in her mind, it was just hours ago that he broke her heart, the look she gave him while he was leaving made me scream "not again!", as it seemed like all she wanted to do was to go after him. Bill and Eric opening their eyes at the same time when she re-entered the human plane was a great scene and one I rewinded a few times before moving on with the episode. Eric's speech after being dispatched - rudely - by Bill (what's up with that, anyways?) made my heart grow three times, like the Grinch's: Everyone who claims to love you, your friends, your brother, even Bill Compton, they all gave up on you. I never did. It was the perfect thing he could have said, no drama, just the plain truth. And how about later, when Eric enters Sookie's room while she was naked and announces he's the one who bought her house? That was point blank the best moment ever! I loved his explanation on why he did that and that now has to accept him in her life.
We got to see how the vampire world handles Russell Edgington going all homicidal on live TV. While Pam, then Eric record a message destined to bring humans to Fangtasia, Bill Compton (as it later turned out, the new vampire King of Louisiana - really?) is shaking hands and cutting ribbons. The way the two scenes were alternated, with Eric's speech in the background, revealed the difference between Bill and Eric (one that has been present from the beginning, although not so blatantly): Bill is a politician, Eric is a business owner. This was one of the best scenes - from the point of view of its significance - True Blood has given us so far. Pam and Eric gave us again some great lines while filming this message, especially in relation to their different attitudes: Pam's boredom and Eric's natural and sarcastic behavior. The ending to his speech is one of my favorite quotes so far ("We're always more than happy to serve humans here at Fangtasia, and I don't mean for dinner.").
Jason, other than being a confirmed police officer who tries to keep his boss, Andy, away from V, is also in charge of the children left in Hotshot, by bringing them food and whatnot. Unfortunately for him, it turns out it's hard to educate people to are used to eat raw meat.
Hoyt and Jessica have been living together, but he seem to expect for her to act more like a housewife, while she refuses to cook for him because human food is gross for a vampire. The egg fight was very funny but I have a bad feeling about them, as Jessica seems to want more than just stay at home and eat Hoyt for dinner. You've got to love Pam in the Fangtasia scenes though.
What about the others? Jesus introduced Lafayette to a new witch coven in town, led by a woman named Marnie, who seems to want to bring dead things back to life. As it turns out later, Bill has a spy inside the coven. Tara moved to New Orleans and became a lesbian fighter (meh...). Arlene's baby is beheading Barbie dolls (evil, anyone?). Sam did shoot Tommy, who is now living with Mrs. Fortenberry. In addition, Sam found a group of shifters who give him some stability in life. We finally got to meet Portia Bellefleur, Andy's sister, who seems to have something for Bill. There's still too much going on for my taste and I'd rather have more of Sookie, Eric, Pam, Jessica and Hoyt than see any of the others. 
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