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By Thelazzyreader @thelazzyreader
Listening to Lianne La Havas while reading helps so much. Somehow the songs I was listening to perfectly match up with the circumstances that Clyde gets himself into. ​Right now I’m listening to her sing “we all make mistakes” while Clyde makes a big one … too unfortunate.
If you remember, in my previous post I completely forgot about his name because I hadn’t read the book in so long but since I am now committed to reading the book, I know it now ha-ha.
The book is becoming more bearable because Dreiser has a fantastic sense of humor. The way he writes about Hortense is so laughable. I’m sticking through with the book just so I can find out about what he decides to write next. 
I am so surprised with Clyde because I thought he would have better judgment but he seems to have forgotten about all the valuable things that his parents taught him. Granted they are a little extreme with their believes, but they still give meaningful and sound advice. As Lianne sings “so if you heed my sound advice there is no need to tell you twice,” right?
This directly applies to Clyde because he thinks his parents are annoying but he’s forgetting that they are more experienced in life and so he should at least consider what they suggest. If he did they probably wouldn’t nag him so much.
And don’t worry, I didn’t forget about Hortense. First, her name is weird. And second, she better have the looks to back up her ego because she seems like the most arrogant and pretentious person ever. With the way Dreiser writes, I felt like this was his story and he was just trying to vent his anger about how he was scorned by a girl like her. (THIS WAS BEFORE I SLIPPED AND READ THE BOTTOM OF THE BOOK WHERE IT SAYS, IT IS BASED ON A REAL CRIME STORY).
Though, it still seems like he is channeling his own experience in it because of the way he writes: “Clyde … was at a loss what else to say for the moment, but he need not have worried –her chief interest in life was herself” (pg. 81).
HAHA ...right? This guy is a jokester and some girl really made him angry huh? 
Just remember these are all premature thoughts. I haven’t read the full description on the back of the book so I don’t know what this book is about. I write as I read so that you feel along with me. In fact, the only detail I read by accident was that it is based on a real story and was made into a movie.
All I know is that this story is about a real tragedy .... that happened in America.
Reading that actually motivated me to continue but I haven't gotten far. Aha I'm on page 110 but eh! I'm making progress.
For your record I'm on page 110 of 856 pages. 
Have you read this book before? Tell me how you feel about it even if you haven't. Comment below, don't be stingy with your thoughts!

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