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Something is Not Right

By Thelazzyreader @thelazzyreader
Something about his writing gives me the impression that these short stories were curated in a diary
It feels as thought he wrote stories about the people he encountered in his life who moved him and left lasting impressions.
I imagine that if that's the case, the moments of contempt or distrust shown in some of the short stories are things he hoped to say but didn't have the gumption to actually communicate.
Still, I can tell that his stories are meant to edify yet I often find it insipid. So much so, I loose interest and ultimately, track of the storyline. I'm left asking: where is this going?
It's been several weeks of my endeavor to finish this book and I wish I could say that I have, but no. I just finished another short story. Again, I'm finding that some of his short stories are so hard to follow. I find myself reading a story, trying hard to get involved, then somehow I end up reading empty words and lose track, so then I repeat. At first I thought I was just losing focus but I realized it kept happening every so often and then I knew it had to be Proust.
I dread picking this book up because as you may know, once I start, I need to know how a story ends. Yet, it's so painful to read. I really wish I was reading an enjoyable book right now and I'm already looking forward to the next book I have in mind. It'll be my little treat for suffering through these short stories.
So far I am on page 64 of 200, the short story: Social Ambitions and Musical Tastes of Bouchard and Pécuchet. At least I'm being honest.
Comment below and tell me what you thought of this short story, or of Proust's short story collection. Don't be stingy with your thoughts.

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