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Trolls Available on iTunes

By Parentalparody @parental_parody
As in the movie.  Not to be confused with my 3 sweet little darling trolls
Trolls available on iTunes
Bring home happy, buy Trolls first on Digital HD March 1st 
I am probably the last person to the party…but…how good is downloading movies via iTunes?!?
Old-school "group viewing" would see me suffering through the whining and complaining over – and here are just a few of the regulars:
  • Who had more of the lounge
  • Who had the best position closest to the TV
  • Who has more of the TV in front of their person (can't do division, but can work out angles and volume and the like, apparently)
  • Whose arm hair dared to touch the closest sibling
  • Who whispered/whined/talked/laughed/breathed/chewed/swallowed too loudly
  • Who had more popcorn (yes, they have been known to count every single kernel)

The list is, quite literally, ENDLESS.
At some point, I stopped putting DVD’s on, stopped hiring movies, stopped buying them. For the sake of world peace and harmony and family unity. So you can imagine my initial apprehension when offered the opportunity to download Trolls via iTunes for this here review.
Shock, horror – the anguish of all three kids competing for prime viewing position in front of an iPad screen.  All the associated drama, threats etcetera.
I can’t even.
I was whining about this to #1Hubby when one of the kids suggested they take turns watching the movie.
And then it dawned on me – downloading movies means multiple viewings. I can separate my little darlings and avoid all sibling warfare! Observe
Mstr8 chose to watch Trolls from the toy room.  Not the lounge, not even a chair.  Instead, nestled comfortably on a bed of three million Lego pieces on the floor that he hasn’t put away since I first asked him to in the summer of 2012....

Trolls available on iTunes

Miss8 opted to view Trolls from her cubby house / personal safe room / hiding space / dodgiest, darkest corner of the toy room.  Often found in the company of raw broccoli, because that's her snack of choice....
Trolls available on iTunes
Miss11 went for her personal leisure suite, also known as my bedroom.  Which I am not allowed to go near whilst she is in residence, lest I invade her personal space....
Trolls available on iTunes
All pics happily snapped by yours truly, while simultaneously carrying a glass of wine, and smiling at them lovingly because they were not attempting to enact Natural Selection upon each other.
It was a blissful weekend free from sibling arguments.
The kids all enjoyed this strange new phenomenon that is watching a movie uninterrupted. In return, they were all more than happy to provide their opinions on Trolls. Parental Parody Prodigies (heh...DREAMING, I know) 1 minute review of Trolls
It was really good.  Like, REALLY good.  Welllll....kind of like ice cream if it was a movie.  So...can I have ice cream now? - Mstr8

Poppy was soooo cute.  I love her.  It was funny, but mostly cute.  I want to watch it again every day!  (Insert her standard evil laugh) - Miss8

OMG MUM JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!!!  He was so awesome. (Starts singing Can't Stop The Feeling a bazillion times and counting) - Miss11
Best of all, thanks to the whole iTunes download thing, I can now have my turn watching Trolls from the comfort of Miss11’s personal suite / my bedroom.  With wine.  Without kids.  Wearing pajamas.  Not counting out my share of popcorn kernels.  Winning!
Bring home happy, buy Trolls first on Digital HD March 1st
For your own sanity, perfectly timed for the impeding school holidays, download Trolls from iTunes for your own little trolls darlings.
You’re welcome.

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