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The Leaning Tower of Lego Pisa and an Epic Catastrophe

By Parentalparody @parental_parody
The Leaning Tower of Lego Pisa and an epic catastrophe
Oh hey you guys - just me - checking in.  Months between posts, I know.  I've been super busy messing with my kids, stuffing up the parenting thing, laughing at inappropriate stuff.  The usual.
Watching cat videos.
So, do allow me to regale you all (the tens of you that still read this...most related to me) with the latest and greatest parenting brag.
My Mstr10 spent EONS (days) completing a STEM project for school - recreating an international landmark.  He opted to go all Leaning Tower of Pisa via Lego.
It was epic, and I'm not just referring to the 4-5 days of blissful peace we enjoyed while he was in the Lego-zone.
He did good.  Really good.
So good I forgave the 5:15am wake-ups as he melted down over the lack of curved white Lego pieces in his extensive collection.
Once his impressive tower was done, he also created an animated poster, complete with Lego peeps walking up and taking selfies, pretending to hold up the tower.
I was all proud parent, you guys.
Fruit of my loins knows way more about technology than I do - just knocked out a quick animated video/poster thingy like it was nothing - meanwhile I'm still here scaring the crap out of myself when I try and take a photo with my mobile phone, and the camera is on reverse - so I see my less than glamorous self on the screen, up close...all pores and wrinkles...
Unfortunately, the day after completion, he had a teeny, tiny accident and knocked the top off of the tower while innocently attempting to simultaneously karate kick his sisters.
It happens, totally normal.
We're talking around a dozen pieces, 20 at most, on the floor.
The poor kid lost his shit.
He was beside himself.  Inconsolable.
I was sitting opposite his still very impressive leaning tower, calmly begging him to let me help him fix it - and he was all wet teary eyes "No Mum, it's okay, I'll fix it, it was my fault...it's okay".
Heart. Breaking. Bazillions of pieces of my heart alongside the 12+ pieces of Lego on the ground.
What followed was a good 3-4 minutes of heart palpitations as he very quickly and easily repaired/renovated.
HUZZAH.  All good in the 'hood.
He was instantly happy again.
I needed a beverage.
Rallying, I very sagely suggested we take it to school early - and keep it in the school Library, where I'm the boss and nothing could possibly happen to it in the ONE DAY before it was due to be handed in.
Parenting genius.  Right there.  Sometimes I amaze myself with my adulting, considering.
So the next morning we carefully put it in the car to drive to school.
I fairly nearly wet my pants trying to drive into the staff carpark.  It took two goes to get up over the very small kerb, because I was all Driving Miss Daisy with the precious cargo on board.
We finally parked, all let out a sigh of relief, and then shepherded the STEM project to the school library, where we placed it on the bench behind my desk.
There were high fives all round, and eventually my butt cheeks unclenched.
The Leaning Tower of Lego Pisa was on display and safe in the library - for all of 2 hours.
A category 6 tornado combined with a force eleventeen earthquake struck....via MY ELBOW.
I obliterated that bad boy.
It was now an ancient ruins.
Of course I did the responsible thing and ran to the Principal in a mad panic.
She laughed and wished me luck come the end of the day, when my beloved Mstr10 came to shower me with affection and adoration and get a lift home.
Vomitsville.  I felt like I was living in vomitsville.
Panic, anxiety, guilt - all the good stuff.
I tried to fix it, but as you can imagine, only made it WORSE.
Mstr10's twin sister came in for her class library visit and nearly crapped herself with sadistic delight when she saw what I'd done.
Mini asshole.

She gets it from me.
I had to beg her not to tell him if she saw him at lunch time.  Bribed her with a Canteen icy pole.
At lunch time I paced the Library, on the lookout for my beloved little man.
Anywho, to drag this out slightly less dramatically (my bad), Mstr10 didn't appear until soon after the end of school siren.
I braced myself for the mother of all meltdowns (his and mine).
My beloved little guy looked gutted, took a deep breath, and said "It's okay Mum, I know it was an accident...I'll fix it".
This guy.  This guy.  He wins the world.
His special traits that would normally see him absolutely melting down over anything that strayed from normal routine and expectation, they didn't apply.  He just sucked it up and fixed it.
Because he knew it was an accident and I didn't do it on purpose.
The Cleaner came in and started vacuuming - something that would normally send him running out the door on account of sensory overload - but he was so in-the-zone with the Lego re-build that he didn't even  notice.
I've never been so proud....which obviously made the Mother-guilt sooooo much worse.
Naturally he is now getting all the jewelry and my kidneys.  Duh.

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