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Trick to Operate Many Twitter Accounts with One E-Mail Address

Posted on the 11 April 2013 by Yogeshvashist98 @YogeshVashist98

As you know that Twitter is the fastest growing social network. It has proved to be a very essential and very useful platform to publicize your Services and your Company. But on the other hand it is also a good social platform too. So so as to take full advantage people often make different accounts of their Company and a different account for their purpose. But often as you might know, that for registering for any service online, you need to provide them with your E-Mail address. It has become a sort of compulsion nowadays. So for making multiple accounts on the same platform, say Twitter, you need to have two different email accounts for registering. And you know to make  different email accounts and managing them often is a headache in general cases.

So in this post, I will tell you how you could use one E-mail account to use two twitter accounts.

Let’s start now.

multiple twitter accounts

So as you know, if you try to register the second account with already registered email, it would show you an error, saying that “Email has already been taken”. There is often a very simple trick by which you could register a second twitter account with that same e-Mail. But there is a limitations to this trick, only E-Mails registered with Gmail can work for this trick to function.

Simple Trick:

So here is the simple trick. This is more off out of the box thinking. For the first account you can simply register with your email account, but while registering for the second account all you need to do is, you add a “.” anywhere in the user name of your Gmail account. This would have no effect, as Google simply neglects any periods within the username of it’s accounts. For example if your google username is [email protected], to register again you could use [email protected], this would have no effect, as any mail sent to [email protected] would definitely reach your inbox, i.e., inbox of [email protected] And now with this tricky email, Twitter would also allow you to register and make a new account.


However the above trick very cool and requires no labour, but also if you’re not willing to use it, there is a alternative to it. Whenever someone makes a account with google, you can write your gmail account in two ways. For example your username is Jack, you can write your email address as [email protected] and also write it as [email protected]  And you could use both these email accounts to make twitter accounts. But none the less these both would point to the same inbox, and you would receive emails in one inbox and would operate two twitter accounts with just single email. Also you could club both these options and use it to operate many twitter accounts with one email. So this was a short trick by which you could make more than one twitter accounts by just using a single email account, provided that email is on Gmail.

I hope it helped.


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