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Trendy Toddler: Pool Side Fun

By Verybusymama @verybusymama
Okay, so I'm cheating a little today.
I actually have some great pictures of Little M in his very best pool side attire, but you know when you just aren't "feeling" your post? So I chucked the pictures of his sunscreen, floaties, flip flops and towel and opted for this one instead...
Trendy Toddler: Pool side fun
Little M sitting pool side, enjoying his chocolate milk and wearing mami's hat. He was re-fueling after splashing around in the baby pool and playing under the very strong hot sun. Let me tell you the sunblock police (me!) was out in full force!
I must say, he does look very cute and super stylish walking around the pool in his striped hat and green shark floaties.
For a three year old who was never exposed to water (sorry, I never took him swimming in the UK) he is certainly making up for lost time. He LOVES the water and yesterday he did the typical "come and get me mami" when it was time to go home. He just sat in the middle of the kids pool and wouldn't come out.
Talk about embarrassing.
Besides, we have to enjoy the sun as much as we can because we are heading to Chile for six week on June 19th and it being in the southern hemisphere and all, it's the middle of winter!
Our other pool side essentials:
Spray on, no rub, waterproof and tear free kids SPF 50 Striped hat to avoid insulation and scalp burns from Target as seen here Sunuva swimshorts - which are a total hit! as seen here Water shoes to avoid scrapes in the baby pool - all of his toes are sore! Floaties to practice swimming as seen here Mami's Fedora hat from Target as seen here
So how's the summer looking where you are? 
Show us what the mini trendsetters in your life are wearing!
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Happy summer!

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