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Traveling With My Boyfriend

By Smartgirltravel @SmartGirlTravel

After graduating university and working for what seemed like decades (though in reality just a few years), my boyfriend and I decided we just had to see a bit of the world. We planned a holiday for springtime, our first time out of the U.S., and we couldn’t have been more excited to see Europe for the first time. The first stop on our grand Euro-adventure was London, a city I’d dreamed of visiting ever since I was a child. We landed in Heathrow to a misty gray drizzle, but I had heard much about the London weather so wasn’t fazed by the melancholy skies- we had a city to explore!

Big Ben

My boyfriend and I had booked a room at a cute little bed and breakfast I found online, and as our taxi wove its way through the crowded streets to drop us off, the rain pelted down harder and harder. Gazing out of the cab window, I could barely make out the figures, buildings and cars just feet away through the sheets of water coming down from the sky. At last, we reached our accommodations and gratefully dashed from cab to the warm, welcoming lobby.

Our room was small and cozy, furnished nicely with old-fashioned antique décor. After changing into dry clothes, we meandered downstairs, hoping to go out and find a coffee before deciding where to venture next. Suddenly, the lights flickered and an enormous rumble of thunder shuddered through the old building. Other travelers were gathered in the living room, relaxing in armchairs, reading at coffee tables and sipping tea while the storm brewed outside. My boyfriend and I exchanged a look; this situation looked far more comforting than venturing outside at the moment!

After taking some tea from the kitchen, we found a space on the large plushy sofa and began chatting with the very diverse group of travelers. We swapped interesting travel stories with an older man from Sweden, a young couple from France and a few solo travelers from Australia and Prague. While my boyfriend and I were on our first trip out of the States, these travelers were quite worldly and had seen some fascinating sights. Eventually, the friendly chat turned into a lively game of charades, the eclectic international group livening up the stormy day by acting out hilarious renditions of celebrities and movie titles.

Soon though, the hours of travel began to catch up with me and I craved a bit of quiet. Not wanting to leave the group completely, I sidled to a comfortable armchair to the side of the room for a bit of alone time, and pulled out my smart phone. One of my favorite applications popped up, an addictive bingo game that I just loved. I smiled to my boyfriend as I listened to the warm laughter surrounding me, then curled up in my chair with the bingo game. If want to play bingo on your mobile, I can think of few better places than a cozy B&B on a stormy day, surrounded by love and laughter!


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