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Planning Your European Vacation with Financial Safety in Mind

By Smartgirltravel @SmartGirlTravel

When getting ready and putting a plan in place for your upcoming vacation overseas, something to strongly consider is keeping your items secure and having a safeguard in place at all times. There’s nothing worse than being in a foreign country and not knowing for sure where to turn for financial help. If your cards and money have been lost or stolen, it can bring your trip to a screeching halt. 

Here are a few tips to keep in mind prior to departure to make your trip a whole lot easier:

Have Numbers and Passwords Handy

If you’re carrying a wallet or purse, you likely have all or most of your money in there at all times. It’s a good idea to always stash some cash or a card in your hotel safe or in a secure location. This way if you lose any money, you won’t be entirely out of funds. Another suggestion is to write down your important credit card numbers on a piece of paper along with the phone numbers for customer service care and make a copy for each traveler. This way you’ll be able to make contact with your credit card company to cancel the card right away. They may also send you cash through a designated wire transfer company location. Having access to these numbers can save you a lot of stress and hassle. Maybe you already have your numbers memorized, but just in case, write them down. It may seem petty or like a huge hassle, but they will be there if you should ever need them.

Know Money Transfer Locations Ahead of Time

If you happen to lose your credit or debit cards while traveling to Barcelona, you need to be sure to have a backup plan in place. Now is the time to find out where the money transfer locations are. Because there are so many scams and businesses that overcharge for money transfers, be sure to research ahead of time and only choose reputable kiosks like Ria Money Transfer Spain. They will be able to welcome your request and help process your transaction as quickly as possible. Just be sure to have your driver’s license, passport or photo ID with you. From there, you will have to fill out an application. Make sure you have contact with someone in the states who will assist with transferring the money. If you’re transferring from your own bank, be sure to have all of the right account information and contact information readily available.

Talk to Your Bank Prior to Leaving

Whether you use your bank to wire you money or not, it’s still important to have direct contact with them prior to your departure. That is because your bank account may get flagged, especially if it shows transactions occurring in different countries. If the account is flagged and you’re unable to get in touch with your bank, you could be stuck overseas without access to any cash or funds. The only alternative would be to obtain a money transfer or try to take out a personal loan from a local bank overseas. Prepare ahead of time by contacting your bank and keeping more than one account open and available while you’ll be traveling, just in case the card is unable to be processed or it’s denied while you’re overseas.

Keep Some Money in US Exchange

While an important part of functioning in Europe or any foreign country is to have Euros readily available, it can also make you more vulnerable to theft. Keeping some funds in American may thwart a thief or make them less likely to easily grab or pull a scam during a transaction exchange. Keeping American dollars in your pocketbook is a great way to have a backup should you misplace your Euro monies. Again, stashing some of these funds behind in a safe at your hotel can help prevent being left without any money at all for the remainder of your trip.

Utilizing multiple ways to use your financial tools while on vacation is important and may save your vacation from falling into disaster. Careful planning, knowing how to access fast cash overseas and who to call when you’re in a major financial bind are things to check off your list prior to leaving for vacation.

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