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Travel Product Review: The Head Hammock

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
Ocassionally while writing this blog we are given the opportunity to review travel products that may be of interest to everyone, and is rapidly becoming one of our favorite activities.  For those who are keeping track, we have reviewed a number of travel pillows in the past, but our latest review might be the most unique.
The Head Hammock is a new product in the wide field of travel pillows, and as the name suggests, is quite literally a hammock for your head.
We were a bit perplexed at the concept of a Head Hammock at the get go.  How does it work? What does it look like?  Is it comfortable?  The box upon arrival did not inspire a lot of confidence in us, as cartoonish figures demonstrated the number of ways to wear the hammock and only seemed to be a bit silly.
But what it really comes down to is that it works.  There was a bit of a learning curve, and difficulties getting the straps tightened to the right spot, but the head hammock serves its purpose well.

A bit of background in to the product is necessary to understand just how it works.  The inventor had a particularly bad accident one day and was told that she had to keep her neck straight.  During her many travels she would end up using her sarong as a way to keep her head still on the airplane seat, and it was surprisingly comfortable.  With other's telling her that she was on to something, the Head Hammock was born.
Now, I said the head hammock had a bit of a learning curve, and we tried a number of ways to wear the device for optimal comfort - both in a car and on an airplane.  All names used for comical descriptive purposes are made by myself, and not endorsed by Head Hammock.
Ninja mode was one of the most comical, but was not ideal for my sleeping style as the cotton fabric either bunched up on my nose or under my chin - something I could not get past.
Modified ninja mode worked out great, and looked exactly as it does on the box.  Some people may not appreciate having their mouths covered while on a plane, so this option may only work for those that can tolerate it.
Katate Kid mode looks like you are about to go in to battle, but is probably the most comfortable way to use the Head Hammock.  In normal circumstances trying to sleep sitting up would result in your head toppling to one side.  A tight Head Hammock stops this by catching your head just a few inches away from normal, or less if you design it that way.  Your comfort level gets a benefit by letting your head move slightly, but not agitated by the extreme angle that shoulder rest normally provides.
My one sticking point for the Head Hammock is that it retails for $30.  The price is a bit extreme for something that came about from using a simple sarong, but might be worth the price for those who are sick and tired of having their head in obscure places during that next long-haul flight.  With a bit of a learning curve, your next flight will be much more comfortable, and you may actually be able to get a good nights rest.

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