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Transition of Movies into Real Life

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
Final destination 5 is out now and many people will travel (possible across a bridge) to the cinema to watch it,
But here are a few thoughts to consider:
  • You will never drive across a bridge with the thought of the movie disaster.
  • You will never ever consider acupuncture.
  • Is sailing as safe as you think? 
  • You will never go near roadworks and hot tar without the thoughts of the film in the back of your mind.
  • You will cross the road to the opposite side when near a building site (especially if you see sheet metal)
  • You will never take part in gymnastics.
  • You will avoid buddha statues.
  • You really want laser eye surgery? Really? 
  • You Never ever Fly again. 
So when you have seen this film, left the cinema  you just know your life will have changed forever and you will become a bundle of nerves sitting in your room with all the lights on, in the fetal position shaking like a leaf.
Or you just realize its just a film and none of that can happen in real life.
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