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Transformation Tuesday: A Round Pedestal Table Makeover and a Little Milk Paint 101 1/2

By Adrienne Boswell @chiccalifornia1

Transformation Tuesday: A Round Pedestal Table Makeover and a Little Milk Paint 101 1/2

I found this cute little pedestal table on Craigslist recently and it was just screamin’ for a makeover. I know some of you will think it looks great as is, but it did have some wear and tear on it.

Table Before

I decided this was the perfect piece to use my new Sweet Pickin’s Milk Paint in Galvanized.

Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in Galvanized

There are 2 basic looks you can get with Milk Paint. Chippy or not chippy. I opted for not chippy on this one but because the finish on this piece was pretty slick I knew I would need a little assistance from this great product….. Extra Bond.

Sweet Pickins Extra Bond

If you haven’t read my my Milk Paint 101 tutorial you can check that out here. I’m calling this tutorial Milk Paint 101 1/2 ’cause we are still in the basics department here. Think of it as a bonus lesson!

Extra Bond is a great product to have on hand when you are using Milk Paint because it gives your paint the ability to stick to non porous surfaces. You can add it to Milk Paint when you want to paint glass or metal or a previously painted item that you don’t want to see the previously painted color.

The best part is there is no extra painting step here. You just mix it in with your Milk Paint and use it when painting your first coat of paint. I usually use a 1:1 ratio. So if I am using a 1/4 cup of Milk Paint then I add about a 1/4 cup of Extra Bond. (You can add less if you think you want a little chippy, but I’ll save that for our more advanced lesson)

Milk Paint 101 1/2

This is what it looks like after the first coat of Galvanized with Extra Bond.

using extra bond with milk paint

The directions on the  Extra Bond say to wait 2 hours to paint your next coat of paint. Using the next coat of paint too soon can reactivate the first coat of Milk Paint. And then you get Chippy Milk Paint. But I have to tell you I have never had this problem. Maybe because I live in a dry climate my paint dries fast.  If you live in an area with high humidity, better play it safe and wait the 2 hours.

pedestal table painted with Sweet Pickins Milk Paint in Galvanized

The result is a smooth coat of paint. I sanded this piece after painting  2 coats of Galvanized. And then I distressed it around the edges. I finished this off with a coat of Clear Supreme Soft Wax and Jacobean Supreme Soft Wax in the details and I buffed it to a soft sheen.

front of table


leg of table

I kind of figured this table would go quickly once I brought it to my retail space. It didn’t make it through the weekend. It was sold to a new home and I hope they enjoy it!

top of pedestal table


Transformation Tuesday: A Round Pedestal Table Makeover and a Little Milk Paint 101 1/2

pedestal table painted in sweet pickins milk paint




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