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Transferable Outifts

By Arianel
 Hi Ladies!You all have heard of transferable skills right?What about transferable outfits?I tell you I'm in a roll! My brain is on outfit fire!
I got this outfit idea from this lovely 20 something Gal! Message on a napkin message on napkins20ish Version- she calls it Modern Day Keaton
a850+ish version of Modern Day Keaton
20ish version is out in the snow
50ish prefers the warmth of her studio
Have a great weekend my friends!
I wore for this post---
90s dress- Thrifted at Renaissance- $7
Jean shirt - Fringues & Cie - YWCA- $0.50
Vest - Retail - H&M
Necklace - Retail- Sale-H&M
Boots - Thrifted Renaissance

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